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Dating a Libra man

Lorna Cowan / 05 August 2019 ( 24 February 2020 )

The Libra male is a stylish socialite living a life of luxury. Find out what it’s like to date a Libra man.

Libra male
The Libra man does want that special someone, he’s just not sure how he’ll know who is ‘the one’

23 September – 22 October
Air sign

Characteristics of a Libra man

Been to a wonderful dinner party or memorable get-together recently? If you came away highly impressed, there’s a strong chance it was hosted by a Libra male. He loves to socialise and always lays on the best of functions - he has this natural flair and thinks of everything to make gatherings a great success. Amicable and easy-going too, the Libra male simply wants a happy harmonious life.

You’ll also have noticed his beautiful home, filled with luxurious furnishings and belongings. But don’t think he has plenty of money to spend. He lives well beyond his means.

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The Libra man in love

When it comes to love, the Libra male plays the ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ daisy petal game, hoping it’ll help him make up his mind. He does want that special someone, he’s just not sure how he’ll know who is ‘the one’. As a result, he’ll often lose ‘the one’ because they lose patience.

His indecisiveness is also the reason why this man hasn’t been in many serious relationships during his life. But rest assured, when he does give someone his heart, it’ll be for keeps.

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How to date a Libra man

Stand out from the crowd. The Libra male is part of an impressive social scene and is always being introduced to new people. If you want to be his date, you’ll need to wow him. Be stylish, elegant, sophisticated and graceful – and you’ll turn his head.

Pay attention to the small details. He’ll wear a jacket made in Italy on a date to a pizzeria, or cufflinks with anchors on if you’re meeting friends from the sailing club. He loves being unique and will always make an effort – he’ll love you more if you notice.

How NOT to date a Libra man

Don’t get frustrated at how long it takes for the Libra male to make a decision. He’s laidback and rarely lets anything bother him – mainly because he knows when he doesn’t take action, someone else will step in. Chips, mash or potatoes, sir? You’ll probably get to decide!

Remain level-headed. People who get too excitable can overwhelm the Libra male. Even if all hell is breaking out around you, don’t let anyone ruffle your feathers when you’re in his company. Stay composed and he’ll be impressed.

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The perfect date for a Libran

You don’t need to blow the budget on a date with a Libra, but you’re more likely to have a future tete-a-tete if you indulge his love of luxury. Okay, so you can’t afford a splash-out meal at the finest restaurant in town, but their prix fixe menu could offer good value.

Similarly, a day’s pampering at a local spa – yes, he likes to take care of himself – may be expensive at the weekend, but look out for mid-week deals. If the Libra male feels he’s living a grand, opulent life with someone he loves, that’s priceless.

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Libran compatibility

Only another socialite will be able to settle down with a Libra male, which means only another Libra, Gemini or Leo should try. However, an Aquarius has the potential to be a long-term partner, if they can learn to trust and give the Libra his freedom.

Earth signs, such as Taurus and Virgo, will struggle with Libra’s lack of money sense. Their financial future is safe and secure and they won’t share their savings with someone who can’t stop spending.

Famous Libra males: Simon Cowell, Declan Donnelly, Harry Hill, Bob Geldof


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