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Dating a Pisces woman

Lorna Cowan / 08 March 2016 ( 24 February 2020 )

The Pisces female yearns to be courted the old-fashioned way. Find out what it’s like to date a Pisces woman.

Pisces female
If you’re fortunate enough to be loved by a Pisces woman, you’ll feel the luckiest person alive.

19 February – 20 March
Water sign

Characteristics of a Pisces woman

How do you single out the Pisces female? Look around the room. Who is being sweet, thoughtful and keeping a watchful eye on events, making sure everyone is enjoying themselves? Yes, that’s the Pisces, the lady who is genuinely nice, kind and caring. 

She’s insightful too, knows what’s right and wrong, and will always make the effort for friends and loved ones. She never forgets a birthday or anniversary either – in fact, she’ll probably even be able to recall the name of your sister’s daughter’s pet.

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The Pisces woman in love

If you’re fortunate enough to be loved by a Pisces woman, you’ll feel the luckiest person alive. She’ll be tender, positive beyond belief, and will always wear a smile. However before you settle back to enjoy a wonderful life, be aware that Pisces females often make big sacrifices in the name of love. Know what these are.

A wearer of rose-tinted glasses, she’s a joy and inspiration to be around. And as a result, she’s never single for long. She thinks dearly of all her past suitors, so if you’re next in line, get used to her mentioning her exes. And pray you’ll never join that club.

How to date a Pisces woman

Court her the old-fashioned way. The Pisces female would love to live in a Jane Austen novel, so make yours a storybook romance. And keep up the chivalry and gallantry as chapters come and go. This is one fairy tale you won’t want to end.

Share your life with her too. She wants to know about the first dog you owned and why you have a scar on your hand. Recount the details vividly and watch her delight. You’d even be excused for a little bit of exaggeration.

How NOT to date a Pisces woman

Don’t take advantage of her good nature. She’ll be first to offer to pay the bill, volunteer to drive on a night out, or travel a distance to meet you, but keep things fair. A bit of give and take goes a long way.

In some situations, the Pisces female really can be a fish out of water. She’ll spill her drink, accidentally knock over a vase, and fall down a crack in the pavement. Don’t make a scene when she’s being clumsy. Remember, you’re a gentleman.

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The perfect date

Being an old romantic, she’ll love afternoon tea in a classy hotel, a stroll round the gardens of a stately home, and a night at the theatre, followed by a candle-lit dinner.

She’s also drawn to the beauty of the Great Outdoors with its ever-changing seasons. Take her to see daffodils blooming in spring, lavender fields in early summer and on a woodland walk in the autumn. She’ll even happily wrap up warm in winter and venture outside to gather holly.


Should two fish be kept in the same bowl? It can be a happy match, but a couple of Pisces living together often revert to a fantasy world, refusing to take stock of reality. Instead seek the affection of a Cancer, who looks to the future and will provide and protect.

Gemini frequently bores of Pisces, and being an extrovert, Leo will be too abrasive for the Pisces female’s delicate ways. He’ll admire her from afar, but will know she’ll find someone much more appropriate.

Famous Pisces females: Drew Barrymore, Elaine Paige, Julie Walters, Rachel Weisz, Julie Walters, Liza Minnelli


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