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Dating a Sagittarius woman

Lorna Cowan / 29 February 2016 ( 24 February 2020 )

The Sagittarius female seeks thrills and spills. Find out what it’s like to date a Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius female
Rushing things is never a good idea with a Sagittarius female

22 November – 21 December
Fire sign

Characteristics of a Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman is quite the philosopher, optimist and explorer. She believes the world really is her oyster, and is adamant that every nook and cranny must be seen, every pleasure must be experienced – at least once. As a result, it’s hard to tie her down. 

She often feels restless, so will up and leave without a moment’s notice, seeking adventure and thrills. She’ll never change either. Don’t fall for this wanderlust hoping she’ll become more content as the years pass – she won’t. Better look out your passport then!

The Sagittarius woman in love

Few born under Sagittarius will get stuck in a rut, especially in a relationship. The minute she becomes bored or feels trapped or unloved, she’ll vanish into thin air, sometimes without even saying goodbye. Perhaps this is down to a fear of intimacy, perhaps it’s when the thrill of the chase has passed – you’ll never know as the Sagittarius female rarely expresses her emotions. That said, when excited by a new suitor, she’s full of hope. At the end of the day, she’s after someone who’ll join her for the ride.

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How to date a Sagittarius woman

Dare to date a Sagittarius female? Then be your mysterious best. Keep things flirty, but keep her guessing about your next move. And don’t roll over puppy-style the minute she shows any interest in you – she doesn’t want it to be that easy.

Be interested in her pastimes, but have your own hobbies too. You don’t need to be joined at the hip to make this relationship work. Spend time apart and discover that absence really will make the heart grow fonder.

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How NOT to date a Sagittarius woman

If you date a risk taker, learn to hold your tongue. You may feel you need to impart some sensible advice, but she’s not listening – now or ever. Words such as ‘don’t’ or ‘can’t’ don’t exist in her vocabulary, so you’re wasting energy saying them aloud.

Rushing things is never a good idea either. Don’t be hasty and talk about moving in together and what you’ll do next Christmas or she’ll dart in the opposite direction. Holding hands early on is a no-no too. She won’t want to think you’ve a tight grip on her.

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The perfect date

It’s easy, just have fun together. Go along to see some stand-up comedy or get tickets for a magic show. And when you suspect she’s getting itchy feet, get her on the move. Plan a road trip or scenic train journey, or hire a tandem for two.

There’s no need to think of romantic ways to melt this lady’s heart – she’d much rather be given a daisy out of the ground than 12 red roses from the florist. That said, the latest travel guide to this year’s must-see destination won’t go amiss.


There really is only one love match that is guaranteed to work, and that’s with another Sagittarius. Nothing will be off-limits for these daredevils and they’ll enjoy a life full of adventures. Alternatively, striking up a relationship with a Leo will be both stimulating and sensual. And an Aquarius will give you the independence you crave.

Falling for a Pisces, however, will cause heartache as your morals are poles apart.

Famous Sagittarius females: Michelle Dockery, Katie Holmes, Jenny Agutter, Tina Turner, Bette Midler

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