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Dating a Scorpio woman

Lorna Cowan / 15 March 2016 ( 24 February 2020 )

The Scorpio female sets her sights high and succeeds. Find out what it’s like to date a Scorpio woman.

Scorpio female
The Scorpio woman can become obsessed in her search for love and no one is out of her league.

23 October – 21 November
Water sign

Characteristics of a Scorpio woman

The Scorpio female is among the most complex signs of the zodiac and one of the most mysterious. 

Seductive and secretive, she won’t reveal much about herself on a first meeting or date. She’s confident that you’ll want to see her again - as long as you don’t mistake her mystique for aloofness.

She’s cool, calm, and incredibly good natured, and when people are raising their voices around her, she’ll quietly walk away. She’s not one to stick her nose into other people’s business.

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The Scorpio woman in love

The Scorpio female may be quiet, but she’s no shrinking violet. Her aim is to lure the hottest – and coolest – character available, someone who is able to satisfy her physically, emotionally and intelligently. 

She’ll become obsessed in her search, and no one is out of her league. That thought never enters her mind – she deserves the best and no one would dare turn her down. She’s probably right too, as everyone loves to date a Scorpio, so long as they don’t witness her vengeful side.

How to date a Scorpio woman

Respond to her great sense of humour, but also know when she’s telling you it's no laughing matter. And above all, pamper her and treat her like a lady. 

The Scorpio female loves fuss, so despite her saying she doesn’t want anything special on Valentine’s Day or her birthday, don’t believe her. 

She’s desperate for everyone to know she has an admirer. Don’t hand over flowers personally, get them sent to her work place or home, and keep your fingers crossed her neighbours are watching.

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How NOT to date a Scorpio woman

Don’t let her test your love. The Scorpio female will sometimes be cruel to you, not because she wants you to walk away, but because she wants you to prove you’ll always stay. Be one step ahead.

Don’t ignore her either. If she’s been calling, or texting you about a date, get back in touch, even if it’s just to say you’ll speak to her properly later. She doesn’t like being kept in the dark.

The perfect date

This lady knows what’s hot and what’s not, so she’ll be aware of the latest award-winning gastro pub and a new exhibition by an up-and-coming artist. On a date, accompany her to places off the beaten track and to shows that are still being reviewed. Her idea of hell would be to eat in a chain restaurant before watching a big West End musical, so avoid.

An alternative would be to attend a fun murder mystery party, or anything that involves fancy dress. Who would the Scorpio female go as? The femme fatale, of course!


The Scorpio female wants a good catch as well as a good match, and will find the love of a Cancer fulfilling. As Cancer is always eager to please, they won’t put a foot wrong, so the Scorpio will find no faults. Teaming up with a Capricorn will be fun too, especially in the bedroom.

As for finding love with a Sagittarius, it may happen, but don’t expect the relationship to last. Enjoy a holiday romance or a quick fling, and then move on.

Famous Scorpio females: Letitia Dean, Goldie Hawn, Anita Rani, Julia Roberts, Lulu


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