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Dating a Virgo man

Lorna Cowan / 05 August 2019

The Virgo male is a perfectionist who demands much from his partner. Find out what it is like to date a Virgo man.

Virgo male
Virgos ultimately long for eternal love

23 August – 22 September
Earth sign

Characteristics of a Virgo man

Virgo men are handsome athletic chaps, and will catch your eye whenever they enter a room. He takes good care of his appearance and always seeks perfection – you won’t find a stray thread on his suit or a scruffy partner on his arm.

Hard working with a strong sense of duty, the Virgo man willingly accepts challenges, as long as they don’t involve matters of the heart. Don’t misinterpret his actions though. If he’s avoiding you, it may be simply be down to the fact he’s scared to fall in love.

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The Virgo man in love

Eternal love, that’s what Virgos ultimately long for. And uncomplicated relationships too. The Virgo male won’t waste time engaging with a potential date at a dinner party if he knows they’re moving to Australia. What’s the point?

When dating, the Virgo man likes to think of himself as the dominant partner, the one who sets the rules. Stand your ground if you don’t agree. He’ll never admit he’s in the wrong, or he’s overlooked a detail, but he will analyse any criticism, probably over and over and over again.

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How to date a Virgo man

Always look immaculate. The Virgo male on a date will dress to impress and will expect you to have done likewise. Tidy up your hair, forget the heavy make-up and remember lurid prints are a no-no. Invited back for coffee? Don’t make yourself too much at home in his tidy house. No kicking off your heels as you slouch on the sofa.

Do, however, reassure him that you’re keen. He’s a shy guy and will only continue a relationship if he knows he won’t be rejected further along the line.

How NOT to date a Virgo man

Yes, he’s a gentleman with old-fashioned values and will assume a traditional male role, but the Virgo man won’t stay with someone who can’t stand on their own two feet. He’ll be a shoulder to lean on, but don’t take advantage of him. He’s not a pushover, and certainly won’t tolerate someone who sulks or gets moody when things don’t go their way.

You’ll do most of the talking on a date, but don’t brag about wild destinations you’ve visited, or crazy adventures you’ve shared with friends. It’ll simply put him off.

What not to ask on a first date

The perfect date

The date has to be just that – perfect - so plan every detail and yet make it seem effortless. Get your clothes ready the day before, know how you’re travelling from A to B, confirm any reservations, check tickets, and arrive for your date calm and collected.

Don’t be too frivolous with your spending either – the Virgo man doesn’t throw money down the drain. He’s resourceful so cook up a meal using vegetables you’ve grown in the garden. As an Earth sign, he’ll think the world of you.


A comfortable life means a wonderful life, or at least that’s how the Virgo male thinks. And as such, sharing the future with a Taurus equals contentment, stability and security. Virgo also warms to compassionate Cancer’s caring nature.

One of the worst matches is a Libra. At first, they will relish the challenge of dating a Virgo, but will soon look elsewhere for fun. An Aries partner is simply too headstrong and will refuse to settle down.

Famous Virgo males: Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Prince Harry, Michael Keaton


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