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Dating a Virgo woman

Lorna Cowan / 05 August 2019

The Virgo female is charming, but will always take control. Find out what it is like to date a Virgo woman.

Virgo female
Don't be fooled that the Virgo woman is shy, she is very strong and determined.

23 August – 22 September
Earth sign

Characteristics of a Virgo woman

Have you noticed the woman who always deals calmly with a crisis? Without a doubt, she’s a Virgo, and no matter what life throws at her, she’ll cope.

She’s at her happiest when she can take control, organising her home, work, finances and family life. Rest assured everything will be ship-shape, every detail thought through, but all this comes at a price. The Virgo female is a harsh critic and will put the pressure on herself if plans – and relationships – are anything less than perfect.

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The Virgo woman in love

On first impressions, you may think the Virgo woman is reserved and playing hard to get. But in reality, she’s just being picky. She has a tendency to be over critical, of herself as well as partners, and therefore she’s only deciding if it’s worth making a commitment.

Relationships to her are for keeps, and as the Virgo female hates time-wasters, she won’t be with someone if she’s not convinced it’s for the long-haul. If she does discover Mr Right has turned into Mr Wrong, she’ll politely say goodbye and swiftly move on.

How to end a new relationship gracefully

How to date a Virgo woman

Don’t be fooled that this female is shy. She’s strong, determined and nothing like the prim virgin often associated with this star sign. The Virgo woman is passionate and has a wonderful, and often wicked, sense of humour, so encourage this to shine through.

Being the ultimate planner, you’ll score bonus points too if she’s given plenty of advance notice about your next date - and you’re punctual. Throughout, keep the conversation intelligent and topical. Trivial chit-chat is off the agenda.

First date etiquette: the dos and don'ts

How NOT to date a Virgo woman

Don’t rock her boat. The Virgo female is at her most content when life has routine, which means she won’t be impressed if you turn up on her doorstep unannounced. She also gets easily embarrassed so don’t make romantic gestures too public. With that in mind, avoid asking too many personal questions early on, as she won’t share intimate details of her relationship history.

And please, never ever forget your manners, or be foolish enough to swear.

What not to say on a first date

The perfect date for a Virgo

Little things mean a lot to this woman, so open the door for her, hang up her coat, and treat her with respect. An evening at the theatre will appeal to her good taste – as long as you choose a classic play over a slapstick musical.

Most Virgos are healthy creatures and keep themselves in tip-top shape, so keep clear of burger joints and greasy spoon cafes. Instead, take her to a juice bar, an organic diner or restaurant where locally-sourced ingredients are a priority. She’ll love you for it.

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The Virgo woman is looking for someone to woo her, so another Virgo, with their old-fashioned ways, makes a great partner. Taurus and Capricorn, the other two Earth signs, will also appreciate her practical outlook on life. And those born under Aquarius will adapt to fit in.

Fire signs, however, won’t put up with Virgo’s critical ways - Aries and Sagittarius just don’t have the patience for the love match to work.

Famous Virgo females: Cameron Diaz, Sophia Loren, Pippa Middleton


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