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Dating an Aquarius man

Lorna Cowan / 16 August 2019

The Aquarius man is in a world of his own, and that makes him attractive. Find out what it’s like to date a male Aquarian.

Aquarius man
The Aquarius male is clever, creative and original.

20 January - 18 February
Air sign

Characteristics of an Aquarius man

When you’re introduced to an Aquarius male, you’ll quickly see that he’s one of a kind. Whether it’s his unconventional dress sense, his alternative views on the ways of the world, or his ability to talk non-stop about the most random of topics, you’ll certainly realise he’s different from anyone you’ve ever met. And that’s what makes an Aquarian so attractive. 

The Aquarius male is clever, creative and above all, original. He amazes people time and time again with his incredible mind and way of thinking. He’s a marvel to behold.

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The Aquarius man in love

The Aquarius male will probably say he’s not capable of falling in love, but that’s not the case. Okay, so it will be unlikely that he’ll reveal an overly romantic side, or be the most passionate of lovers, but he has the capacity to care dearly and compassionately for the right person. 

Often he’ll not realise the real reason his stomach is doing somersaults when he spends time with a close friend. And while an Aquarian won’t admit his feelings, he’ll probably still be by their side five years down the line.

How do you know if this is 'The One'?

How to date an Aquarius man

Don’t let on that you’re inviting him on a date. You’re simply going out, just the two of you, to the cinema, for a curry, a coastal walk. You could probably even suggest booking a weekend away together, as mates, and he’ll be enthusiastic. Once he gets used to your company, the next stage will come naturally.

Understand you’re on different wavelengths. And when it comes to solving puzzles or problems, realise that his brain won’t think logically about a possible outcome. You’ll find him fascinating.

How do you know if someone likes you?

How NOT to date an Aquarius man

Don’t freak him out. If you’re clingy, intense and start talking about love, he’ll shut down. If you can keep your relationship casual, and hold back on the cuddling and kissing for now, you’ll reap the rewards in time.

Don’t be freaked out by him. Aquarians will come up with the wackiest of ideas, and the silliest of creations. Go along with them all. And if he turns up for a family dinner wearing a bright green tie with yellow trousers and red shoes, well, that’s just him.

An Aquarian's perfect date

Take him to a science museum or the site of an archaeological dig. Anywhere he can unleash his inquisitive mind. Or allow him to educate and bewilder you. Head to the countryside for a walk then as the sun sets, look at the stars together – he’ll astound you with his never-ending knowledge of wild flowers and constellations.

Back home, experiment with him in the kitchen. You may not think guacamole goes with fish and chips, but he may be able to persuade you otherwise.

Visit our food and drink section for lots of recipe ideas.


When it comes to compatibility, the Aquarius male will find happiness with a Taurus, Sagittarius and another Aquarius. Taurus in particular will keep his two feet on the ground when he's tempted to take flight. 

Another good match is a Scorpio, if they are able to accept a more platonic relationship. A life with a Water sign will not be straightforward; they may actually be too different to ever make it work.

Famous Aquarius males: Damien Lewis, Bob Marley, John Travolta

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