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Dating an Aquarius woman

Lorna Cowan / 16 August 2019

The Aquarius female often puts friendship before love. Find out what it’s like to date an Aquarian woman.

Aquarius woman
The Aquarius woman wants companionship, but she won’t slot into any traditional wife role.

20 January – 18 February
Air sign

Characteristics of an Aquarius woman

There isn’t a barrier that can hold back the ambitious Aquarian female. Intelligent and impressively inventive, Aquarius will always find clever creative solutions to irritating problems. And she’s persuasive beyond belief. She’s the person who convinces you to run 26 miles when you struggle walking two. Be warned.

She loves a challenge but sadly her competitiveness can come between even the best of friends. A stubborn sort, she’ll rarely back down or change her point of view.

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The Aquarius woman in love

While her friends may be desperate to tie the knot, the Aquarius female is in no hurry to settle down. She certainly wants companionship, but she won’t slot into any traditional wife role and become someone’s ‘Mrs’. She won’t be with a demanding or jealous partner either. No one should dare tell her what to do.

More often than not, Aquarians will find themselves in a platonic relationship with a good friend. This can be loving and fulfilling, but only if that friend isn’t secretly hoping for something more.

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How to date an Aquarius woman

The Aquarius female is sometimes described as being eccentric or a little quirky, so be open-minded. Trust her when she announces she’s had a brilliant idea for a date. It may not be your usual run-of-the-mill night out, but it’ll no doubt be memorable.

Introduce her to your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, especially those with an interesting or unusual background. She’s intrigued by other people’s lives and experiences. Agree to explore new destinations together – it’ll mean the world to her.

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How NOT to date an Aquarius woman

Don’t try to tie her down. And any mention of enjoying domestic bliss together will have her packing her bags. Don’t expect her to be baking cakes and looking after a household while you wash the car and put the bins out. It’s not the life she’s planning.

Don’t come on too strong too fast, you’ll simply scare her away. She’s not one to hold hands on a walk or smooch on the sofa, so don’t make her uncomfortable by attempting to turn up the heat too early on.

The perfect Aquarian date

Spice things up on your date – literally. Give your local pub with its traditional British grub a body swerve and instead pop in to an Indonesian restaurant or Jamaican café, anywhere your taste buds take you. Follow that with an evening listening to flamenco music or Cuban songs – perhaps with a mojito or two – and what a perfect date.

Alternatively, keep an eye out to see if any art galleries are being loaned collections and exhibits from other countries. Visit a tea room en route – but don’t choose English Breakfast!

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Few star signs arouse the Aquarius female, but an intimate relationship could be on the cards with an irresistible Gemini or physically pleasing Aries. Take passionate tendencies away, and a Libra will satisfy all her other needs.

Despite being symbolised as a water carrier, the Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – have a tendency to be too emotional for Air’s Aquarius.

Famous Aquarius females: Jennifer Aniston, Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey

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