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Dating an Aries man

Lorna Cowan / 05 August 2019

We all know why we’d fall for an Aries male, but would it be for better or worse? Find out what it’s like to date an Aries man.

Aries male
The Aries man is charismatic, athletic, powerful and passionate.

21 March – 19 April
Fire sign

Characteristics of an Aries man

The Aries man is charismatic, athletic, powerful and passionate – he’s the bad boy who’s hard to resist. Just one wink, one smile and you will surrender. His main focus in life is all about having fun, which can’t be criticised. However, he can be childish at times, playing silly pranks, and will shun away from responsibility, especially if it’s to do with his finances. In relationships, the Aries male is hot-blooded and hot-headed. It’s a combination that means sparks will fly.

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The Aries man in love

The Aries man approaches love like a battle, something that has to be conquered. And when he sets his sights on someone, he’ll go all out to capture their heart. He’s bold, sometimes brisk, but he’s sensitive and kind too, and will do all he can to protect and look after you.

You’ll never bore of an Aries man, as he’ll always be one step ahead, keeping your relationship exciting and fresh. Just get used to the heated discussions.

How to date an Aries man

The Aries man loves coming to the rescue, and can spot a damsel in distress miles off. However, he wants a strong intellectual partner to share his life with. Yes, he’ll take control, sometimes even ordering for you at a restaurant, but he’ll expect you to speak eloquently on a wide range of topics. Better start swotting!

The Aries man also likes to be in the thick of the action, and is attracted to people who want to explore new places and try new experiences. Keep your finger on the pulse and you’ll have his heart racing.

Top tips for picking a great first date location

How NOT to date an Aries man

He’ll want you to look good on a date, but when you hang around with a fit Aries male who’s always on the go, there’s also a good chance you’ll be breaking into a sweat. So don’t make a fuss about having no time to wash your hair. He finds the natural look sexier anyway.

And don’t put him down or mention a defeat in front of family or friends. Okay, so you beat him at tennis last week, but don’t humiliate him – or even tease him – in the company of others.

What questions not to ask on a first date

The perfect date for Aries

Brace yourself as the perfect date will kick-off at breakfast time, whizz through lunch, dive into dinner and only slow down late in the evening. Arrange something active, such as horse-riding or clay-pigeon shooting, or embark on a road trip to the coast – do both! Just make sure you indulge his inner child and keep the date fun and the laughter flowing. A game of crazy golf, ice creams, dodgem cars, kite flying, frisbee throwing… don’t let him sit still or he’ll get bored.

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Aries men need active partners who are as strong and argumentative as they are, but also someone who understands their more sensitive side. Leos make a good match. Also a Fire sign, they roar loudly, but only when necessary and usually to protect their family and loved ones. However, jealousy can get in the way. 

Another passionate pairing is with a Virgo. Although the relationship may be fraught at first, it may be worth persevering.

Capricorns struggle with spontaneity so are rarely compatible.

Famous Aries males: Ewan McGregor, Sir Alan Sugar, David Tennant, Graham Norton


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