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Saga Magazine has articles on everything from the latest health advice to invaluable financial news from our experts Paul Lewis and Annie Shaw, plus money-saving tips.

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There are amazing real-life stories, terrific travel ideas from dream destinations to short city-breaks, practical gardening tips and delicious recipes, plus style advice for grown-ups.

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Enjoy in-depth celebrity interviews, our columnists’ wry take on life and two brain-teasing £100 prize crosswords. Plus coverage of not-to-be-missed events, the arts, music, film, TV and books.


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A word from our contributors...

Renowned financial journalist Paul Lewis gives money-saving advice and expert analysis of the big issues affecting readers. He also presents BBC Radio 4’s Money Box.


Paul Lewis

Saga Magazine's Money expert

She’s a comedy star, acclaimed scriptwriter and regular on everything from QI to Have I Got News for You. But Jo Brand reveals her caring - but still funny - side as our new agony aunt.


Jo Brand

Saga Magazine's Agony Aunt

As one of the country's best-known GPs, with 26 years' experience in practice, Dr Mark Porter gives his expert opinion on any health issue, from a sprained wrist to chronic disease.


Bill Bailey

Saga Magazine's New columnist

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