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Eight beauty fixes for older women

06 January 2016 ( 08 March 2019 )

How to fix post-menopausal beauty problems like cake-y foundation, feathery lipstick and shimmery shadow that shows up crêpey eyelids.

Older women need different make-up - read our tips
Follow our tips to find make-up that is truly flattering.

Find out how to fix post-menopausal beauty problems like cake-y foundation, feathery lipstick and shimmery shadow that shows up crêpey eyelids.

When I launched the make-up brand Look Fabulous Forever, I didn't do any market research. I just backed the hunch I had that there would be lots of older women who would respond positively to a range of products which took account of all the changes that happen to a face from about 55 years of age onwards.

All the problems I have outlined below are common to most post-menopausal women.

Face makeup doesn't stay put

Older skin is like blotting paper - highly absorbent and bumpy. So if you apply make-up at 8.00 am, it will have disappeared by lunchtime!

The solution? Apply a face primer. Our Fabulous Prime smoothes the skin and will keep all other face products looking fresh until bedtime

Primers for the prime of your life

Foundations formulated for younger skin are often too thin and don't cover sufficiently to create a flawless finish

Older skin is often very uneven and patchy often with age spots and blemishes.

The solution? Apply a foundation which covers really well but still looks light and fresh - my key requirement for LFF Base.

Concealers look dry and flaky when applied to the blue-y under eye area

Older skins need a creamy and well-pigmented concealer which can be patted in to the skin to camouflage darker areas. Also LFF concealers match the base colours.

Orange toned powder blushers sit in fine lines and wrinkles look caked and can create a haggard look

The solution is to use a pink-toned blusher in a cream to powder formulation.

Pink tones are much kinder to an older face, and a cream formulation means that you can apply it with your fingers exactly where it is needed and then blend with a brush.

Bronzed beauty

Eye shadows with a shimmery finish highlight crêpey eyelids

It's quite hard to find properly matte eye shadows like all of the LFF Eye Shades which are far prettier and more flattering on an older eye.

Older women often stop using eye make-up because they think it makes them look worse not better. But use the right products and eyes can be brought to life.

Eye makeup goes walkabout and looks messy

Older eyelids are often discoloured and oily. A flesh-coloured eye primer will overcome both problems easily. The primer will smooth the lid and create the perfect base onto which you can apply eye shadows or our Fabulous lid Colour.

Older brows are often pale, faded and sparse from over-plucking

Pencil and shadows look all wrong so I devised our Brow Shape. It has a very fine brush and is a liquid paint. With this you can create the most brilliantly life-like effect. Nobody would know they were not your brows!

How to get your glow back

Lipstick feathers and bleeds into the small lines around the mouth and the edges look fuzzy

The solution is to apply a lip primer to the outer edges of the lips. Applied just once a day this will effectively seal the edges and you will be able to create a perfectly sharp line.

Since I launched Look Fabulous Forever we have had hundreds of reviews and testimonials which attest to the fact that we are meeting the needs of older women worldwide with our specifically-formulated products. 

About Tricia Cusden

Tricia Cusden is the founder of beauty brand Look Fabulous Forever.


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