Greta Scacchi’s beauty tips

22 December 2015

She was the glamorous star of films such as White Mischief and Presumed Innocent, and appears in new BBC1 epic War and Peace. Greta Scacchi, 55, shares her health and beauty advice.

Force yourself to take exercise

Like most people, I really battle with this. If you are feeling at all low about yourself, how do you drag your body to the gym? But you know that you’ll be lifted up by it, so you just have to do it!

Eat sensibly but don’t stress it

We read all this stuff about what we’re supposed to eat and not eat, but I’m not that strict about it.

I eat healthily, but I love food. I wouldn’t be having fast food, though, except when I really need that bag of chips when I come out of the theatre, say and when there’s nothing else to eat. I also recommend a baggy sweater.

Keep skincare sensible

I put some moisturiser on my face and that’s it - I never choose one brand in particular.

Usually I buy such things at the airport or on an aeroplane, because I never go shopping. I’ve got girlfriends who laugh at me for being so out of touch with what the latest lotions and potions are.

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Have a dance

My mum is still dancing and I traipse along when I can. She’s off showing me what to do, just like she did when I was a child. It’s good exercise and we love our time together.

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Feed your soul as well as your body

I’m so thrilled that my daughter, who lives in LA, is discovering the local canyons and walks.

When I was in LA, nobody walked anywhere but I did go exploring the canyons and, though I didn’t have anyone to go with, just being close to nature somehow makes you feel better.

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