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Honor Blackman’s secrets to looking and feeling good

Ruth Huntman / 17 March 2015 ( 11 March 2019 )

Former Bond girl Honor Blackman may be in her 90s, but she’s still defying gravity with the looks and figure of a woman half her age - and she's had no cosmetic help!

Actress Honor Blackman
Honor Blackman © Pal Hansen/

Apart from inheriting her mother’s good skin, she puts her age-defying shape down to a balanced diet, a little exercise and mood-enhancing foods.

Honor Blackman's healthy eating tips

I don’t eat stupidly. My weakness is a pile of smoked salmon but it's oily fish and I tell myself ‘oily fish is good for you’.

It’s funny, but when I’m emotionally upset, I eat orange things: Smoked salmon and marmalade, though not together of course. If there’s no salmon, it's bread and marmalade.

Organise yourself into eating sensibly – permanently. I can indulge myself with naughty puddings once in a while because I strike a balance with the other foods I eat the rest of the time. I thrive on fresh vegetables (organic ones if I can get them – they taste better), a huge variety of fish and just a little meat.

Don’t crash diet. Eat healthily coupled with plenty of activity. Things like walking the dog, hoovering and gardening count too.

Keep your body constantly hydrated and refreshed by drinking plenty of liquids including water, fruit juices and mint tea.

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Honor Blackman's fitness routine

I use my exercise bike at home for at least 5 minutes every day. It's a great way to get fit because it's gentle and doesn't put too much strain on any of your joints.

I go to Pilates but I have to because I have scoliosis and can’t stand up properly unless I go regularly.

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Honor Blackman's beauty secret

All the make-up in the world won't make you look beautiful unless your skin is glowing. For me, cleansing is vital. I am strict about cleaning my face. Millions of women aren’t and then wonder why they don’t have a good complexion. Every night I remove all my make-up from my face and neck with cream cleanser. I apply a rich moisturiser night and day.

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Honor Blackman's personal style

When I'm choosing clothes I always go for understatement. I like clean lines and simple styles. I love silk shirts. They last for years, never go out of fashion and always look stylish.

Honor Blackman in Saga Magazine

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