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How to stop makeup sweating off in summer

Liz Coggins ( 25 August 2016 )

Make-up artist Liz Coggins tells you how to keep your face in place on those mascara-melting days

Senior lady driving sports car in the summer
Keep a cool head with these summer make up tips

Temperatures can start to soar at weddings, garden parties, barbecues and other summer functions, which means the going can get hot for make-up. 

So if you want to avoid make-up meltdown that leaves you looking like a grease spot, just follow these tips.

Take your time with products

When it's hot, perspiration and oil production (sebum) increase, so we need to reduce the amount of grease we put on our faces. 

Taking time to apply products and allowing them to absorb into the skin will increase the staying power of your make-up, as will using clean brushes and applicators, which also cut down on the grease factor.

Primers for the prime of your life

Keep yourself cool 

Start by allowing yourself plenty of time to shower, cool down, apply your make-up and dress. Rushing around will only make you feel hot and flustered!

After showering, pamper those tootsies with a cooling refreshing footspray and if your feet and legs are prone to swelling soothe them with a refreshing leg gel or energising emulsion.

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Remove the excess oil 

Cleanse your face thoroughly and if your skin is inclined to be oily, use a purifying cleansing gel to remove the excess oil that will cause shine. 

Next spritz your face with mineral water or a refreshing spray. Keep it cool in the fridge and spray lightly to refresh your skin - a quick spritz of mineral water will also refresh your make-up during the day so it's a handy thing to have in your handbag.

Basic skin care tips

Oil-free moisturiser

Choose an oil-free moisturiser to help combat oil production and preferably one with an SPF factor. Allow at least ten minutes for your moisturiser to be absorbed. For special occasions invest in a make-up fixing serum, you only need a few drops to brighten the skin and it ensures perfect hold.

To prevent or eliminate shine on the nose, chin or forehead, try a matifying cream or gel or, as an emergency fix, pop some oil-blotting sheets in your make-up bag.

Does your moisturiser work?

Tinted gels 

To avoid streaking and disappearing foundation, a long lasting oil-free foundation that gives good coverage, preferably with an SPF factor is the answer. 

Again, do allow time for the foundation to dry before applying loose powder with a large brush, then dust off lightly with a clean brush to avoid the flour-bag look.

For more casual occasions try a colour wash or tinted gel; steer clear of tinted moisturisers in the heat.

Waterproof mascara 

When the heat is on, eyeshadow can crease or fade into oblivion. 

One trick to keep the colour is to cover the eyelid with concealer or an eye fix cream then dust with a nude shade of powder shadow before applying the colour. 

If you use eyeliner and mascara, opt for the waterproof kind to avoid panda circles of melting mascara.

To highlight cheeks, use bronzing powder on the apples of the cheeks. On the lips apply a lip gloss, liquid or sheer lipstick which have a much lighter texture for summer. Lips burn easily so chose one with an SPF factor.

Bronzed beauty

Avoid strong fragrances 

Finally in hot weather, alcohol-free fragrances are the best choice as alcohol can sometimes cause sensitivity and mark the skin. 

Perfumes and preparations with strong fragrances also attract insects, especially at night.


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