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Makeup for menopausal skin and hot flushes

Nicolette Loizou / 07 August 2015 ( 11 March 2019 )

Hot flushes and excessive sweating can create havoc with a beautifully made-up face. Stay gorgeous by trying the following tips to minimise the effects of the problem.

Senior woman applying moisturiser
Sweat-proof or oil free moisturiser gives your skin all the hydration it needs without leaking during a perspiration attack

Your make-up begins to slide off during a hot flush and your mascara begins to run making you look as if you have been crying. But what if you still want to wear cosmetics? 

A moisturiser that can cope with hot flushes

Start the made-up day with a sweat-proof or oil free moisturiser. This will give your skin all the hydration it needs without it leaking all over your face during a perspiration attack.  

The right foundation for menopause 

Once you have your moisturizer on, it is just as important to find a foundation that will be able to cope with your menopausal hot flashes so that you can keep looking fresh and serene even if you feel like you are melting.

Opt for a long-wear liquid foundation. Once you find your shade that’s right for you, apply thinly so it does not look caked on.  Then, if any does come off, it won't be quite as noticeable.

Avoid powder foundation as powder and water do not make great companions and skip the blusher if you are prone to redness. However, if you do need a bit of a glow use a blob of lip-stain to bring some colour to your cheeks.

How to beat the excessive sweating of the menopause

The right eye-make up for menopause 

Before you start thinking about the rest of your face invest in a good primer which will help your make-up last the day and will stop smearing and smudging.

Then you can think about applying eye shadow. When it comes to making your eyes look good, be sure to plump for water-proof products.

Invest in a good water-proof eyeliner and mascara to avoid looking as if you have been crying.

Make sure that the mascara is a good quality and doesn’t go on clumpy and opt for a natural looking eye liner.

You will also need to invest in good cleansing products to remove difficult-to-shift make-up. 

A lip colour that can outlast a hot flush

There’s nothing worse than sweat around the mouth and your lipstick melting so avoid this look by investing in a lip-stain.

These stay on during the hot moments ensuring that your lips stay fresh and look lovely and natural. They are also easier to apply than lipstick.  


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