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Eight grooming tips to help you feel younger

Carlton Boyce / 05 January 2017 ( 10 September 2018 )

Quick and easy grooming tips for men to help you look and feel your best.

male grooming acoutrements

Our attitude towards grooming has shifted dramatically in only a few years, but while the traditional male reluctance to take care of the way we look is fading, it hasn’t disappeared entirely.

So why not try one or more of those grooming tips? None are expensive and all of them are quick and easy, because hogging the bathroom is never sexy…

Thickening shampoo

Thickening shampoo is a thing, and apparently it works. There’s no need to pay a fortune either because brands like Head and Shoulders have one in its range, which means you won’t need to venture any further to buy it than your local supermarket.

Help for thinning hair


I know, moisturising is for girls. Except it isn’t. Just don’t waste your money on anything too flash and expensive because it simply isn’t necessary; the most beautiful woman I know slathers on cheap and cheerful Nivea moisturising cream religiously.

Winter skin rehab

Trim, don’t pluck or shave

No matter where the offending hair is, trimming it always works better than plucking or shaving. 

A tenner will get you a cheap nose hair, ear hair and eyebrow trimmer, which can be used to keep just about any body hair under control.

Discover the good grooming tool kit


A decent manicure can turn even the ugliest hard-working hands into something your significant other will be happy to be caressed by. It won’t cost a fortune and once you’ve had one you’ll never go back to chewing your nails after cleaning them out with your penknife.

You probably don’t need to manicure your feet, but no one is ever going to object to well-trimmed toe nails and pumice stone-smoothed heels.

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Hand cream

Keep a pot of hand cream in the bathroom and kitchen and don’t be afraid to use it after washing your hands; soap will dry them out, leading to unsightly - not to mention painful – chapping.

Mrs Boyce tells me that rough hands might have worked for Lady Chatterley but they don’t for her.  

Help for hardworking gardener's hands

Change your toothpaste

If your teeth reflect your love of coffee, red wine and cigars, it might be worth splashing out on a tube of whitening toothpaste and a new toothbrush. If you’ve got a spare pound then you could pick up a roll of dental floss while you’re at it and use it 3-4 times a week.

Ageing teeth issues

Have a proper shave

Good grooming is a mindset, not a process, and part of your new grooming regimen is to enjoy the ritual of shaving.

This means using proper shaving soap that comes in a bowl, swirling it into a proper lather with a proper shaving brush before removing it with a decent razor.

By spending a bit of extra ‘me’ time in the peace and quiet of your bathroom, you’ll feel as though you’ve really treated yourself, which will set you up nicely for the day ahead.

Beard oil

On the other hand, if you have a beard or moustache, then you should buy a small bottle of beard oil to soften your facial hair, reducing the risk of your partner waking up in the morning with a bad case of bristle rash…

How to make beard oil

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