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Instantly slimming looks for men

Siski Green / 02 September 2015 ( 19 December 2016 )

Can’t see the effects of your diet yet? Don’t worry, find out how to look slimmer instantly with our style guide for the larger man.

An older man looks slim in his hat

If you’re battling with an oversized belly, behind or are simply just bigger than you’d like to be all over, it’s obvious that the best course of action is to lose weight. Not just so you can look good but to prevent all kinds of health issues that come with being overweight too. But for the right here, right now, you want to know how to dress so you can look slimmer and for that there are simple rules to follow. 

Get the right fit

If you’re trying to lose weight it might seem like nonsense to invest in clothes that fit you well now, but it’s essential. “A well-fitted suit or pair of jeans is even more important for a big man, than a slimmer one,” says men’s stylist David Waters. 

“Laziness is a trait others inadvertently associate with large men, and ill-fitting clothes can make you look lazy about your appearance, further exacerbating the negative impression.” 

What’s more, getting into clothes that feel comfortable and look good will give you enough optimism to keep going on the diet. 

Five pieces of clothing every man needs

Keep lines and patterns simple

Go for single-colour clothing or light stripes, but avoid patterns at all costs. While it might be tempting to think that the crazy pattern will draw attention away from your bulges, the opposite is true - the large expanse broken up with a pattern makes it look even larger.  

Avoid drawing attention to your problem areas

High-waisted trousers draw the eye to your waistline, and a wide belt will also bring focus to the area. Instead, wear trousers that fit snugly just below your belly button, without causing any excess skin or fat to ‘sit’ on top of the waistline, and opt for neither skinny nor wide belts, but go for braces instead. 

Rather than making your stomach hold your trousers up (and drawing attention to its size) the suspenders can hold them at just the right height without any bulge. 

If what you sit on is your problem area, avoid jeans with large pockets as they add to the illusion of size and find jeans where the pockets are slightly lower too, which helps visually to reduce the size of your behind.

Show confidence with accessories

“Hats, ties, watches, sunglasses – these are all accessories you can use to add some more style to your look while distracting the viewer from your size,” says Waters. “The key here, though, is to wear them with confidence”. 

Choose a hat that makes you feel and look taller - by doing so, you’ll look thinner because of the perceived added height. Find ties that are bold as they draw the eye up and down, helping to make you appear taller and therefore slimmer.

Five accessories you should invest in

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