5 fashion trends we want revived

Lynnette Peck / 05 July 2016 ( 21 March 2017 )

Here are five items we wish would come back into fashion – designers take note!

One minute shoulder pads are in fashion; the next it’s all about minimalist t-shirts. Then skinny jeans are all the rage and they go out and next season it’s palazzo pants.

Fashion historian James Laver came up with a theory in 1937 coined ‘Laver’s Law’ that said that a trend does not start to look appealing until 50 years after its original popularity.

He said something worn ten years later looks ‘hideous’ and twenty years later ‘ridiculous’. Well, this law might have applied in the 1930s but now trends seem to be recycled every decade and not every five decades.

So, here is our wish list for the fashion trends we hope to see revived for spring and summer 2017.

Let’s hope the designers are reading saga.co.uk…

1950s: Circle skirts

The original circle skirts were so named as they were often homemade and were simply cut out from a large circle of fabric.

They were made from rayon silk, cotton and muslin and often had appliqued designs such as poodles on them and were all one offs.

We want to see circle skirts back in fashion as individuality is often missing from modern items, plus they’re a flattering way to cover up and look great all at the same time.

Inspiration: Actress Audrey Hepburn

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1960s: Pillbox hats

If pillbox hats are resurrected and it means the end of fascinators, then that will make me happy. A tiny sprig of something sprouting from your head is not, in my view, a suitable headpiece.

Jackie Kennedy had the right idea in the 1960s and always cut an incredibly stylish figure in her smart suits and pillbox hats.

Bring them back, please.

Inspiration: First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Vintage sixties and seventies fashion

1970s: Corduroy trousers

You might think at first glance that choosing corduroy trousers is a dull choice for a fashion revival, but think again. They are hardwearing, look smarter than jeans but you can go for lunch and/or do the gardening in them, plus they come in a myriad of colours.

They’re also just as good during an English summer matched with a silk shirt as they are in winter with a cashmere sweater.

Catwalk decision makers take note.

Inspiration: Actress and model Lauren Hutton

Our guide to wearing the 1970s again

1980s: Polo shirts

Preppy. Check. Collars turned up. Check.

The polo shirt was everywhere in the 1980s and both men and women wore them with pride. There was a reason for this. Comfortable, didn’t need ironing, went with skirts and trousers, casual wear that looked smart – the list went on.

We want to see polos back in fashion and not just on the polo-playing field.

Inspiration: Actress Brooke Shields

1990s: Pashminas

Rarely did you see Princess Diana in the late 1980s and early 1990s without a pashmina over her shoulder or carried by a lady-in-waiting. They were part of the Sloane Ranger uniform and were dubbed ‘poshminas’.

Sadly, by 1999 Vogue magazine sounded their death knell and declared them ‘over’. Whilst we would agree that they are no longer a fashion item, we would argue that they certainly deserve a place in fashion as a wardrobe staple. Especially with the changeable UK climate.

Wear your posh/pash with pride.

Inspiration: Princess Diana

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