5 of the best summer sandals

Lynnette Peck / 13 July 2016 ( 10 May 2018 )

Popping your feet into summer sandals is pure bliss after months of socks and boots. But can you combine fashion, comfort and fit? We look at the options.

A world of stylish summer sandals awaits...

Chie Mihara
I can personally recommend these sandals (they also make shoes and boots) by Brazilian-born, Spanish-based designer Chie Mihara, as I have been buying and wearing them for a decade. They are handmade from the softest leather and have springy, comfortable soles. Like walking on air. Pricey, but very worth it.

These sandals have been around since the 1940s, when US cobbler Walter Hoy made them using scrap leather left over from military boots. They are now having a fashion resurgence in 2016. I like them in ‘Shiny Yellow’ but they come in numerous shades so there is something for everyone. They mold to fit your feet with time and can go in the washing machine. Winning.

Sargasso & Grey
Their tagline is ‘shoes that don’t squeeze’ and they are made specifically for those of us with wide feet. They are also available in sizes 36-43.

Pronounced Sol-ee-yas, meaning 'sun islands’ - these comfortable, flat sandals are handmade in Menorca by traditional craftsmen. They are available in leather and fabric and in many colours and prints. Plus, the price point is not designer, so they are affordable (from £33 to £58).

This brand is all about comfort and has been since 1959. Everything is geared up for those that want shoes that fit, feel good to wear and can be walked in for hours. Their sandals feel like you are wearing slippers (in a good way).

How to prepare to bare your feet for summer

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Comfort is key

In a survey by shoe brand Sargasso & Grey, 38% of women felt they had damaged their feet due to poor fitting shoes. Podiatrist Dave Wain (carnationfootcare.co.uk) gives us his tips for wearing the correct sandals and shoes:

1. Wear a shoe that is lightweight and breathable. Clunky, heavy leather shoes are much harder to walk in.

2. Look for a low, supportive heel. A thick heel will cause your foot to slap down rather than roll and can lead to sore shins.

3. To maximize your comfort, try the Carnation Footwear Powerstep (firstaidfast.co.uk) which aids foot posture and helps relieve heel and arch pain.

4. The most important thing of course is a shoe that fits properly. Be sure your foot has enough room in the toe box. There should be a thumbnails width (or about a half inch) between your toes and the end of the shoe.

5. The shoe should be wide enough in the toe that your toes can move freely. Your heel should not slip, and the shoe should not pinch or bind, especially across the arch or ball of your foot.

6. Do not shop for sandals or shoes when in a hurry. Plus, walk around the shop for a few minutes on a hard surface.

7. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking in your new sandals/shoes then wear them in the house first for a few days to try them out

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