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Amanda Angus / 05 October 2018

These hard-working wardrobe choices could solve the issue you’ve been struggling with.

If you’ve ever purchased a keyring that doubles as a bottle opener or aftersun with built-in insect repellent, you know the joy that comes from something that serves two purposes – and why shouldn’t your wardrobe work just as hard?

Each of these have been designed with more than sartorial issues in mind – and could make your life that little bit better!

Clothes that help save the world - and your time

If you worry about the amount of 'fast fashion' that gets bought, worn and discarded, you'll have a lot of time for the clothes available at; made from recycled products like used plastic water bottles and even coffee grounds, they're doing their bit to save the planet.

As the CEO Daniel Puddick says, "Sundried use the latest in recycled technology and we specifically chose to use coffee as our recycled product as it is a readily available raw product with high bio-degradable properties meaning it is truly eco-friendly and sustainable. It has fantastic benefits, including odour control, sweat-wicking, and it dries over 200 times faster than cotton. It is also naturally anti-bacterial. Responsibly-sourced materials are the future and we are leading the way to a brighter time ahead for our planet."

Clothing produced from used coffee grounds has fantastic benefits, including odour control, sweat-wicking, and it dries over 200 times faster than cotton. It is also naturally anti-bacterial. This means no more unsightly sweat patches on grey t-shirts and absolutely no need to tumble dry as the garments are pretty much dry as soon as they come out of the wash - so you can pop them on straight away, saving you time!

Clothes that regulate body temperature

Designed for women suffering symptoms of the menopause, Fifty One Apparel garments absorb, store and release excess heat in order to regulate the body's temperature and ensure comfort throughout the day and night.

Using a fabric developed with NASA to support the body temperature of astronauts in space, they’re supposed to feel neither hot nor cold when worn.  

Founder Louise told us ‘Fifty One Apparel’s garments have many applications and are designed to be worn for a variety of functions, be it sleepwear, sportswear, loungewear or under suit dressing.
As a wearer myself I love them and I wear my vest tops for Pilates, Bikram Yoga, with jeans and for sleepwear (not the same top!). 

'While I appreciate the garments do not stop the body from getting hot it certainly manages the temperature and I believe they’re more comfortable to wear than fabrics which wick away moisture but leave the body too cool.’

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Clothes that protect in the pool

It's not easy to protect your shoulders if you're on holiday and want to cool off in the pool - after all, swimming costumes rarely come with sleeves! You probably wouldn't go out in a sleeveless dress without a lightweight cardigan to keep the worst of the sun off your skin, so why remove that protection in the pool?

And added to that, perhaps you don't feel that your upper arms are your best asset, and resent having to have them on display each time you fancy a dip. At least, that's the theory behind Cami Confidential's 'Swim to Eve Sleeves'...

Founder Yvonne explains 'I've been designing garments to suit the more mature lady for the last 30 years, and as I myself am in my 60s, I know that one of the main issues is the upper arms (bingo wings, ring any bells?). Experiencing this myself in later life I set about designing a solution to the problem to renew the confidence of ladies like me.

'After the success of the underdress sleeve I was asked to design a sleeve to wear over a swimsuit, and the Swim to Eve Sleeve was born.

'I consider it a wardrobe essential - from wearing over a swimsuit in many different ways in the pool, to wearing with a sundress (with the added advantage of SPF 40/20) or putting it in your bag in its own little pouch to wear later over an evening dress. 

'I found it invaluable on my last cruise.'

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Shoes that prevent foot odour

If you enjoy walking but don’t enjoy having to leave your shoes outside the front door to prevent their aroma filtering through the house, Skechers Go Walk range has you covered.

They feature a bamboo lined footbed for antibacterial odour control – as well as a highly responsive midsole designed for lightweight underfoot cushioning, a mesh upper that naturally expands with your foot as you walk, and a tapering midfoot design for improved arch support. 

Shoetique have a great range of Skechers shoes.

Shoes that turn back time

Well, not literally – we’re not quite that far into the realms of sci-fi! But if you were once an avid high heel wearer and have had to stop due to bunions, there may be hope for you yet.

Sole Bliss offer a fashionable solution to uncomfortable feet, and with more than 10 million women in the UK suffering from bunions, their shoes are designed with bunion-suffers in mind, and employ three layers of memory foam cushion contour to protect the foot. 

Founder Lisa told us ‘Here at Sole Bliss we pride ourselves on impeccable quality; I think that Saga readers will consider our shoes a worthy investment piece as they’re quality shoes that should make a difference to their lives. 

'Although our fans include the likes of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and screen legend Dame Helen Mirren, Sole Bliss shoes are realistically priced at £149 - £159 and appeal to a wide audience. 
Whether you are mother or grandmother of the bride or just looking for everyday smart, fashionable designs, our shoes will fit the bill. 

'For me, Sole Bliss has been a labour of love. Even with my 30 years experience in the footwear industry, Sole Bliss still took 5 years of research and development before we launched last year. We also listen to our audience and update styles regularly.’

We are not over the heel

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