Have you tried coloured tights?

10 September 2018

Do you always reach in your hosiery drawer and pull out tights in two shades: nude or black? If guilty, read on; there’s a whole world of colour waiting…

Tights were first worn by men in medieval times and were known as ‘hose’. In later eras the ordinary man worn them made from coarse fabrics and the aristocracy wore silk or wool ones. Now we have more choice than ever in terms of fabric, colour, style and cut. From sheer to fishnet, footless to suspender, there is a pair of tights for everyone.

But have you considered coloured tights? They were popular in the Sixties: think purple, white and green; then had a resurgence again in the eighties when primary colours of red and blue were all the rage - but how about in 2018?

This is not just a nod to fashion but a sensible way to dress in a cooler climate. Matching your tights to your outfit means you don’t have to think too much about what to wear.

'Coloured tights make for fancy legs. Fancy legs make me happy.' 

Brigitte Read, CEO of Snag TIghts, says 'The biggest thing we’ve noticed is that people no longer really want to look like everyone else. There’s a genuine sense of personal style and people wearing what they like - what really makes them happy. We hear lots of people say ‘my husband hates them, but every time I look at my legs I smile’.

'Particularly with a pair of coloured tights you can transform a favourite outfit into something very different - which also means you can get more from your wardrobe - and also you get to wear your favourite clothes more often.'

Comments from their customers in their 50s and beyond include 'Polka dots, stripes, bumblebees, butterflies - the more eccentric the better, I say! Put some colour in your life, girls!', 'I'm a black tights gal of 50 but I do wear burgundy and navy...  I'm seriously considering some brighter colours to wear with boots, I know that's cheating a bit but baby steps!' and 'Coloured tights make for fancy legs. Fancy legs make me happy.'

So, why not give it a go? If you're not sure, go for colours that match a favourite accessory - or be brave and try combinations that come from opposite sides of the colour wheel, like yellow and purple! Or...

Try these coloured tights/outfit combos

Red tights with a black pencil skirt and red accessories

Yellow tights with a grey dungaree/pinafore dress

Purple tights with fabulous animal print

Burgundy tights with navy blue tailored shorts and ankle boots

Olive green tights with a snug jumper dress in shades of mustard/beige

Blue tights with a camel overcoat

Orange tights with a yellow tunic dress

Brown tights with orange for a cosy autumnal look 


If colour is a step too far for you, you could go a bit dotty instead; as Linda Leestemaker, Co-CEO/Owner of MAGIC Bodyfashion says, 'The new Sexy Dots tights from MAGIC Bodyfashion were born after realising we needed an option for women who don’t want to wear plain black tights all winter.

'Workwear can be boring and wearing hosiery that adds just a little something edgier to the ensemble is something that lots of women lean towards – it allows them to be a little creative without feeling too ‘Vivienne Westwood’ in their outfit. The addition of the shaping component in the ‘short’ section of the tights means that you not only look good but feel great too through added support.'

Try Sexy Dots tights from MAGIC Bodyfashion for £13.50

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