Looking for leather trousers

Adrienne Wyper / 22 December 2016

If the much circulated shots of Theresa May lounging in leather trousers left you considering purchasing a pair, we’ll help make up your mind.

And if you’re also wondering where you can get some just like hers, they’re Desert bootlegs, £995, by Amanda Wakeley for £995 (although they’re currently sold out).

Are leather trews for me?

It’s not an age thing. The Prime Minister is 60, and most of the discussion about her trousers was what they cost, not whether they were age-appropriate.

Have you worn them before? They last strode into the fashion spotlight in around 2008, giving rise to the memorable acronym, MILT (Mum In Leather Trousers). 

If they’re still lurking at the back of the wardrobe, why not give them an outing?

If you wear skinny/slim-legged jeans already and embraced the waxed, greasy finish trouser trend, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable a leap.

It’s not hard to find leather trousers online or on the high street. John Lewis has seven styles of leather trouser, from £200 to £550 (all slim-leg).

Marks & Spencer has leather/ponte skinny leggings, for £129. Ponte is thick knitted fabric and used on the back of these trousers it gives them more, well, ‘give’ so you can bend at the knees and hips more easily.

Grown-up glamour

The practicalities

People often worry that leather trousers will be really sweaty, and need expensive cleaning all the time.

The truth is that leather trousers will certainly keep you warm, but they’re also breathable so you shouldn’t get too sweaty (unless you’re sporting yours in a heatwave: inadvisable). It’s a thick fabric, so it can feel stiff at first, but it will become more supple over time.

Not all leather needs dry cleaning, but it’s best to go by what the care label says. If yours are washable, go for a cool wash and air-dry, to be on the safe side.

Obviously a pair of trousers is a more intimate-fitting garment than a jacket, so will need more frequent cleaning. However, you can extend the time between dry-cleans/washes by wearing tights or footless tights underneath. And without going into too much detail, a panty liner can be useful…

If you feel that, for you, they’re a fashion flash in the pan, or a style step too far, you might prefer to go faux. There are lots available, including six options on sale at John Lewis from £17.50, or Marks & Spencer has faux leather skinny-leg trousers, £35.

 Being synthetic, these may be a bit sweatier, but considering the savings, that might be a price you’re willing to pay.

If leather trousers are a step too far, why not step into some snug slippers instead?

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