SmartLock: Unlock your front door with your phone

Amanda Angus / 29 June 2018

Have you ever wished you could unlock your front door with your phone? Find out how technology can literally open doors!

Ever left the house, and had to turn back to check you’ve locked the front door? Have you ever forgotten your keys, and had to ask the neighbour for a spare? Or found that you’ll be away from home longer than you thought, and need someone to nip round and feed the cat? Or perhaps you’ve started to struggle with turning the key in the lock, or you’d like the reassurance of knowing you can unlock the front door to a member of your family without having to leave your bed.

All these issues would be solved in one fell swoop with Yale and Everest’s innovative SmartLock (Conexis L1). Instead of the metal keys we’re all used to, it uses a system similar to one you might have encountered when staying in a hotel – the key card.

But although the SmartLock comes with one key card and key tag for you to put in your wallet and on your car keys respectively, it really comes into its own if you have a smartphone, and pair it up with the Yale Smart Living app.

Using your phone, you can check to make sure the front door is locked – or unlock it to let someone in, like the cleaner or a neighbour who needs to fill the dog’s dinner bowl if you’re stuck in a traffic jam. You can even time their access, so once the cleaner’s allotted hour is over, they’ll no longer be able to get in.

You’ll also get five virtual keys that you can share with family or friends’ smartphones, so if you have grandchildren popping in after school and you’ve had to nip to the shop, they can let themselves in.

If you’re finding turning a key in a lock is becoming a struggle, the SmartLock could be the answer – all you have to do is hold your key fob next to the lock for it to recognise it and let you in, making standing in the rain whilst trying to get the key to turn a thing of the past.  

Everest front doors already exceed British security standards and SmartLock is also tested by Yale to proven security standards set out by NIST (National Institute of Standards). This makes an Everest front door fitted with SmartLock one of the most secure doors on the market. It's also fitted with a loud alarm should anyone try to break into the lock, and it’s all encrypted to ensure maximum safety. You’ll never have to worry about spare keys floating around, as once someone’s access is revoked via the app, they can’t get it back unless you allow it.

In fact, SmartLock has been tested and assessed against PAS24, which is used to assess the enhanced security performance of external doorsets, including the door and the lock. SmartLock has achieved this accreditation in a full door test so you can rest assured the door is secure.

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