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Be Life Ready with digital vault storage

Advertising feature / 20 April 2021

We all have those tasks that we put off and can find distractions anywhere we care to look. For many of us it’s that drawer – you know the one? Or a concertina box file that is full to bursting. But we need to put to one side our pandemic pursuits of baking banana loaves, finding the perfect anemone or fermenting sourdough starter, it's time to say, "let's get organised".


Life is often unpredictable. The last year has more than proved that. Just think how light you would feel if you could ditch THAT pile of paperwork/online files. Imagine thinking, everything is sorted no matter what life throws at me.

Legado is digitally secure online storage, where all of life’s important documents, plans and wishes can be found in one place. The platform is as safe as any bank vault, with end-to-end encryption and UK-based servers.

Using a simple and easy-to-navigate online system, you can digitise everything from passport numbers to wills and insurance policies, so they can be found at the touch of a button from your laptop, tablet or phone.

What’s more, your information can be easily updated, so you won’t come across share certificates from 1998 that may or may not still exist.

This incredible resource was developed to help you get organised, and by extension help others find ‘paperwork’ in one secure and accessible place. Legado gives you control of your paper and online life.

Take control of your life

Almost a third of people surveyed by Legado said their life’s most important documents are not stored in one safe place. Added to that, they could not be confident that next of kin would know where to look. The Association of British Insurers estimate pension pots worth £19.4 billion remain unclaimed - the equivalent of nearly £13,000 per pension pot. These are quite staggering figures, which makes it incredibly important to know what and where everything is. Knowing that everything is up to date and in a digitally secure vault gives peace of mind not just to you, but those dear to you.

You are in complete control of who shares the vault with you, be it a spouse, children, solicitor or your independent financial adviser.

“With the nominee function I can carry on doing what I’m doing with living my life … knowing that my family at the time of distress will be able to access all the bits they need to access in order to bring my affairs to a closure”

This all may seem a bit overwhelming, but once it is done, it is in a safe place, now and forever. It is an invaluable reservoir of information to help those you leave behind. If you have ever had to deal with an estate after the passing of a loved one, you will know the administrative obstacles faced.

There are defined categories to support digitising and act as prompts. You also have the comfort of knowing that all the data is encrypted with the additional protection of two-factor authentication. You have complete control over what your chosen nominees have access to, and there’s also an option, should you wish, to keep everything private and allow others to access it only on your death.

We cannot forget the other ‘stuff’, such as important log in details and passwords for email and social media accounts, which can be stored along with all your documents. Plus, there’s the option to create a free legacy plan outlining all your wishes.

Legado is free to use for all customers, there are no hidden costs, and an option to upgrade to premium for only £3.99 a month if you feel you need over 50MB of storage.

Organise, store and share life’s important documents with Legado, visit to find out more.


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