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Five essential GoPro accessories

Carlton Boyce / 04 June 2016

Your new GoPro will come with a selection of mounts; however, investing in some GoPro accessories will help protect it and get the very best video footage.

A GoPro on a tripod perches above the surface of the water

Here are my suggestions for the five GoPro accessories that I think are essential. Or cool, which is the same thing, right?

GoPro accessory: Selfie stick

I loathe and despise the current vogue for selfies but even I can see the case for using a selfie stick with a GoPro. So, you need to swallow your dignity and buy a selfie stick that is rigid enough to prevent your GoPro wobbling too much but extends far enough to enable you to get a decent shot of you strutting your stuff. It also needs to collapse down so you can stuff it in your pocket when you’re not using it.

My choice: Amazon is stuffed to the gunnels with selfie sticks, but this one looks like good value at under £15.

GoPro accessory: A decent case

There is an endless selection of cases for your GoPro ranging from cheap neoprene bags all the way through to rigid plastic cases. However, take a tip from the pros and chose something from Pelican.

Pelican cases are dust and waterproof and will protect your equipment from everything short of a nuclear war. No, they aren’t cheap but you’ll only ever have to buy it once, thanks to the lifetime guarantee.

My choice: Companies often dispose of their surplus Peli cases on eBay. If you don’t mind the odd scuff then you shouldn’t have to pay more than 25-50% of the retail price and replacement foam inserts are cheap and readily available.

GoPro accessory: Tripod grip

A tripod grip is, as the name suggests, a tripod that can also be used as a handgrip. You’re looking for something that feels comfortable in your hand and is rigid and stable enough to give a solid foundation when you’re using it as a tripod. These accessories are available from around a fiver all the way up to £100 and more.

My choice: This one comes with magnetic legs to hold them together, rubberized handles and a wrist strap. Yes, it’s almost £30 but, again, once you’ve bought one you’ll probably never need to buy another.

GoPro accessory: Floating handgrip

If you’re messing about on the water then you’ll need a floating handgrip. A brightly coloured one would make finding it easier in low light, but other than that I’m guessing that anything that is comfortable to hold and floats would fit the bill.

My choice: GoPro do a neat, understated floating handgrip but Amazon has this one for under a fiver, which seems like cheap insurance to me.

GoPro accessory: The tool

The GoPro thumbwheels give a rock-solid grip but if you’ve cranked them down tight they can be tricky to undo, especially if you’ve got a touch of arthritis in your hands. There are plenty available in some rather nice anodized finishes, and a lot of them even come with spare thumbscrews too.

My choice: My final recommendation is The Tool from GoPro. It costs under a fiver and makes short work of loosening even the tightest of thumbwheels. It also has a handy bottle opener on the other end. You know, just in case…

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