Music is key

Advertising feature / 10 November 2020

Learning and playing a Casio keyboard or piano is not only fun, it’s great for your physical and mental wellbeing too.

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This year has seen many of us developing fresh skills and finding new ways of entertaining ourselves at home – for some, a long-held desire to learn an instrument has become achievable.

And it’s not just a fun way to fill the time – far from it. Apart from the fulfilment of mastering a tune, research shows many health and wellbeing benefits from learning and playing music. Studies have revealed it can boost cognitive function and memory, as well as improve motor skills and arthritis.

Music therapy has been used to help people of all ages overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness for a number of years. And recently it has seen a huge increase in popularity with older people, including those with dementia, who can retain musical aptitude and appreciation even when other abilities are lost.

When it comes to electronic keyboards and pianos, one name springs to mind – Casio. Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company launched the world’s first electronic keyboard, the Casiotone 201, in 1980, putting themselves at the forefront of a new era of electronic pop.

Casio was a game-changer then and it remains one now, with four decades of producing innovative tech that remains accessible and easy to use. Whether you’re thinking of learning, or can already play and would like to upgrade your instrument, there’s a Casio for you…

Casio starter kit

Perfect for learning

Casiotone LK-S250 Starter Pack Keyboard, rrp £235

With all you need to get started, the new Casiotone series changes everything, while building on Casio’s traditions of innovation, versatility and value. Individual keys light up to show you how to play 60 songs – so you can start making music immediately. Other teaching tools include slowing down the tempo, concentrating on one hand at a time and making the keyboard wait until you find the note.

With 61 full-size keys, 400 tones and 77 rhythms, it’s perfect for beginners.

Casio Grand Hybrid

Perfect for players

Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid Piano, rrp from £2,735

The keys of the award-winning Grand Hybrid, above, are made from the same Austrian spruce used by famed German piano maker C. Bechstein. And with a real, moving Bechstein hammer action, you get the feel of those prestigious instruments in a digital piano of unrivalled quality and authenticity, with three European grand tones to choose from.

There’s no need to worry about the neighbours – you can turn down the volume or use headphones.

Maybe you learned the piano as a child? It’s never too late to return to learning, Casio have made this easier with a series of free online lessons on YouTube. And the Grand Hybrid’s Concert Play feature lets you play along to orchestral recordings from a free downloadable library. Ain’t life Grand?

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Get 10% off the LK-S250 at Use discount code SAGA10OFF when you checkout. Offer expires January 7 2021.

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