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Save energy and save cash

Advertising feature / 17 November 2020

Find out how to save energy – and cash – with these six simple tips for around the home.

Thermo gun
Saving energy around the house will also save you money

1. By reducing the central heating by one degree, you can cut 10% of your heating bill. However, the elderly and frail should make sure their home is kept at a comfortable heat, not less than 18oC.

2. When replacing an appliance, look for the highest energy rating, eg A+++ for a fridge or washing machine.

3. Moving furniture just a few inches away from radiators can boost the temperature in the room.

4. Putting sheets of tinfoil down the back of radiators will reflect heat back into the room.

5. Draughtproofing windows and doors keeps heat in and saves £25 a year on average. Don’t forget the less obvious places such as the letterbox and pipes around sinks and toilets. Save 10% of electricity costs by switching off at the socket. You can buy a standby saver that turns everything off in one go. Almost all electrical and electronic appliances can be turned off without affecting their programming.

6. If you are out for a large part of the day, set the heating on a timer and programme it to come back on 30 mins before you will return home.

Are you eligible for a Green Homes Grant? Homeowners in England can receive up to £5,000 to pay part of the cost of energy saving improvements such as cavity wall insulation, resulting in an average saving of up to £600 a year for 600,000 households. To apply, visit Smart Energy GB is the campaign for a smarter Britain. It’s our task to help everyone in Great Britain understand smart meters, the national rollout and how to use their new meters to be cleaner and greener with their energy use.

Find out how to get a smart meter

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