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10 of the best FREE apps for iPad and iPhone

Chris Torney / 21 December 2015

An iPad may not be cheap but the good news is there are thousands of apps available that don’t cost a penny. From games and TV to social media and personal organisers, we round up ten of the best...

Apple App Store on an iPad
There are thousands of free apps on Apple's App Store

1. Facebook

Rather than using your web browser to visit pages as you would on your computer, it’s generally much easier on the iPad to use each site’s dedicated app. Where better to start than on the world’s leading social media service?

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2. Google Earth

Using your iPad’s touchscreen controls to rotate and zoom in makes navigating the bird’s-eye views of the planet particularly intuitive.

3. Skype

The idea of being able to make video phone calls to distant relatives at no cost would have seemed absurd a few years ago – but the technology is here now with Skype. You can also use the iPad’s in-built FaceTime app to do the same thing between two Apple devices.

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4. Star Chart

Point your iPad at the sky and Star Chart will tell you exactly what heavenly bodies you’re looking at. A great way to kick-start or rekindle an interest in astronomy.

5. Dropbox

This service lets you share documents, photos and videos between your computer, tablet and smartphone – updated copies of each file are kept online so you can access them wherever you are.

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iPad apps

6. Evernote

There are scores of apps aimed at keeping people organised and improving productivity and Evernote is one of the best. Create memos, keep records of purchases or holiday bookings, or even use it as a scrapbook.

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7. BBC iPlayer

Access to hundreds of BBC TV programmes to be downloaded or viewed while you’re online. The other main channels also have free apps but expect to sit through an advert or two before you get to watch.

8. Angry Birds

Perhaps the most popular iPad game ever, the controls for Angry Birds work perfectly on a touchscreen but be warned – it is very addictive.

There are paid-for versions as well with fewer adverts; and watch out for optional in-app purchases.

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9. Find my iPhone

This app comes bundled with new iPads and iPhones and it allows you to see where any Apple device registered to your account is – handy if your phone is lost or stolen. It also lets you wipe the device’s memory remotely, which means thieves can’t get their hands on your personal data.

10. Readability

Like Pocket and Instapaper, this service lets you convert web pages into something that is much easier to read and not cluttered with adverts. It also means you can save interesting articles to view at a later date.

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