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Four tips to speed up your iPad

Chris Torney / 28 December 2015

If your iPad is running a bit slow use our four quick tips to free up memory and make it run faster.

Speedometer to represent speeding up your iPad
A few quick fixes can make your iPad run faster

If you’ve had an iPad for a while, you might notice it doesn’t run as quickly as when you first bought it. Web pages might take longer to load and apps may be a bit slower to open or respond to your commands.

The bad news is, this kind of experience is pretty much inevitable: the technology involved in tablet computers and the software that runs on them moves forward very quickly these days. 

As programs or websites get more advanced, older tablets – even those that were brand-new a year or two ago – can rapidly become outdated and unable to cope so well with these ever-increasing demands.

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But there is some good news: rather than having to buy a more recent model, there are a number of steps you can take to speed up your old iPad’s performance.

1. Keep your operating software up-to-date

Every few months, Apple will release an update to your iPad’s operating system (called iOS followed by a number – at the time of writing, the latest version is iOS 9.1).

Running the latest operating software keeps your iPad’s security features up-to-date and means that it will be better able to cope with more advanced apps and websites.

To check whether your iPad needs an update, under the 'Settings' menu, find 'General' and then 'Software Update'.

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2. Free up storage

If you have lots of apps, pictures, video and music on your iPad, performance could be affected.

Under the 'Settings' menu again, look for 'General' and then 'Storage & iCloud Usage'. Below the 'Storage' heading you should see how much of your tablet’s memory you are using and how much is left.

If you’re running out of space, select 'Manage Storage' to see what the culprits are: consider copying pictures to your home computer (which probably has much more memory) or deleting apps you don’t use – these can always be downloaded again at no charge.

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3. Clear your web history

If surfing the internet has become laborious, you might be able to speed things up: if you use the default browser, Safari, go to Settings and scroll down until you find Safari.

At the bottom of the menu that appears on the right is 'Clear History' and 'Website Data'. But bear in mind that, as well as deleting a record of the sites you have visited, this will clear any saved login or password details – so you’ll have to type them in again.

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4. Say no to notifications

Some apps will regularly go online to check whether they need to be updated or if they have any new information for you, such as social media updates or news alerts.

There are two ways to clamp down on this: from 'Settings' choose 'General' and then 'Background App Refresh'. You can then opt to block this for all apps or just some.

Also under 'Settings', go to 'Notifications': here you can change which apps are allowed provide information updates.

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