Are cruises worth it? The best reasons to cruise on holiday

Thinking of a holiday, but concerned about straying too far from home? Why not consider a cruise around the British Isles.

Thinking of a holiday, but concerned about straying too far from home? Why not consider a cruise on the seas around the UK and Ireland? It’s an excellent solution for those who are in need of a well-earned break from everyday life, but don’t want to bother with the hassle of immunisation injections, passport renewals, and flights.

Giving you the relaxing benefits of a holiday, but in fairly familiar surroundings and at affordable rates, cruises through British waters allow you to explore new terrain without straying too far from home territory! Let us take you through the many plus points you should consider…

It’s just easy!

No need for expensive insurance. No need for flying. Simply get picked up at your home by a chauffeur, arrive at your departure port, and check into your comfy cabin. Your holiday has begun!

With delicious meals daily and a range of activities available on your ship, you’ll just sail from destination to destination enjoying as much relaxation as you can fit into your days and nights. Just take your pick from a range of holidays and you’re ready to go…

Choose from a huge number of cruises

Are you stirred by spectacular scenery? Or perhaps you love to hear about local history? There’s a cruise that will suit your holiday demands, whatever “floats your boat”. Some cruises focus on taking you to cliff-top castles around the nation. Others carry you to Britain’s bustling seaports to learn about their unique histories as transport hubs. We have a wealth of options, from touring Scotland’s scenic lochs to taking part in Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations!

Find a British Isles cruise to suit you.

No bothersome immunisations

Picture the situation. You want to go on holiday, but you don’t like going to get your immunisation injections. Needles aren’t really your thing, and sitting in the waiting room for half an hour with a variety of sick people – their ailments unknown – doesn’t really appeal either.

Problem solved: a cruise around the UK will not expose you to anything much more exotic than somebody with hay fever or a touch of the sniffles. All you’ll need is a bottle of sun cream (if it’s summertime) and some warm clothes if it’s wintertime or you’re headed north to explore the islands of Scotland, for example. You might not get Caribbean weather, but sailing around British territory holds a charm of its own.

The safety of the British Isles

Switch on the TV or read the papers these days, and the news is always telling us something worrying. Of course, it’s no secret that fear sells newspapers. And with a quarter of a billion holidaymakers enjoying perfectly safe holidays in the EU, there’s really no need to fret about booking an overseas break.

But, if you’re one of life’s natural worriers – and if you are, you’re not alone – then what better way to enjoy more peace of mind than by staying within British territorial waters?

Instead, you can focus your concerns on whether you’ll get a good look at the White Cliffs of Dover, or how to get the best seat to watch the on-board entertainment each night. Don’t worry, you’ll have a great time!

Cruising around Britain – the simple solution

There you have it: you have so many reasons to jump on a cruise ship and see what destinations Great Britain has to offer. The simplicity of a no-fly holiday. Iconic ports like Southampton and Dover. Natural beauty spots like Fingal’s Cave or the Giant’s Causeway. No need for injections, currency exchange or passports.

Enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free holiday that’s a home away from home with a UK cruise from Saga. Put your trust in our award-winning and competitively priced travel packages – you won’t regret it.

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