What to expect on a Norwegian fjord cruise

From dogsledding by day to admiring the Northern Lights by night, find out what you can expect from a Norwegian fjords cruise.

Find the freshest air, the most dramatic landscapes and truly dazzling night skies on a cruise through the Norwegian fjords. Consistently topping our list of most popular cruise destinations for UK travellers, a trip to Norway might see you dogsledding by day and admiring the Northern Lights by night. So, what can you expect to see on a fjord cruise?

Sublime geology and vivid colours

The fjords were created over the course of millions of years by ice, pressure and erosion. Once upon a time the western side of Norway was home to monumental glaciers that carved steep-sided valleys into an ancient mountain range. As the glaciers melted over time the valleys gradually filled up with seawater.

There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway and they have become a symbol of the country. It’s no wonder – taking a cruise through these narrow stretches of water, wedged between towering cliffs, is a jaw-dropping experience. Perhaps not talked about so often are the beautiful flowers that bloom in the land of the fjords. Visit in springtime and the view from your ship will be of quilts of vibrant colour rising and falling gently before meeting the mirrored water below.

Glaciers, waterfalls and crystal clear waters

You might think of Norway as a cold environment, but the Gulf Stream means that the Norwegian fjords enjoy a mild climate for much of the year. Despite this, remnants of the prehistoric glaciers that formed the fjords still remain – and they are spectacular.

The largest of these is the colossal Jostedal, the largest glacier on mainland Europe, which spans an area of 487 square kilometres. The fjords are also home to some of the highest waterfalls in the world. Cascading down the steep cliffs into the cool waters below, drifting by one of these on a cruise holiday is an unforgettable experience. Soak up the scenery on a tour of the picturesque ports of Geiranger, Hellesylt, Olden and Bergen.

The Northern Lights

Norway holidays give travellers a great chance of witnessing the Northern Lights, nature’s greatest lightshow. Norway is just about the best place in the world to see this celestial carnival of pink, green and violet lights. We take our guests right up to the northern tip of the country into the Arctic Circle on a voyage of discovery.

Searching for the Northern Lights takes you to Bergen, Åndalsnes, Tromsø, Narvik and Ålesund. Plus, as with every Saga cruise, travellers will be treated to a host of services including all meals on board, 24 hour room service, and many activities. We’ll even equip you with your own Arctic jacket!

As Norway is such a popular destination, we have many fjord cruises to choose from. You can also take the Nordic Trail with Norwegian Cruise Line and Saga. Norwegian Cruise Line’s approach is to bring you freestyle cruises aboard the spectacular ships in their fleet – book with Saga and you’ll receive the full Norwegian Cruise Line experience plus a whole range of Saga services.

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