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Is it time you experienced a holiday to India?

Amanda Angus / 11 March 2016

Saga’s Holiday Creator Stuart Douglass-Lee tells us why he fell in love with India and how it makes the perfect holiday destination.

Woman praying at the Golden Temple
Woman praying at the Golden Temple

There’s nowhere else on earth quite like it…

“I go back to India regularly, and now I would say I’ve been between 25-30 times, though if I’m honest, I’ve pretty much lost count! 

It was the destination of my first long-haul trip when I went backpacking after university – I’d never been out of Europe before that – and I went for nearly six months. 

I started in Ladakh in the Himalayas, and went right down to the southernmost part of India. I loved how there is nowhere else on earth quite like it, and as soon as I got home, I started planning my next trip out there – and I’ve been that way ever since. 

There are so many religious festivals, and they’re always wonderful to be part of…

What’s amazing about it is the variety; there’s a huge geographical range, from the Himalayas and subtropical mountains to deserts, plantations, and the Ganges Plains. 

There’s so much religious variety too; Christianity, Muslims, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu – there are so many religious festivals, and they’re always wonderful to be part of, they’re so spectacular.

And the architecture – I find the British history over there very interesting, so I love all the British Raj architecture. 

But I also love the fifth century squat temples, from when Hindus first started temple building; you can compare them to the later temples, which are huge and towering, so the evolution of the architecture is really fascinating. 

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 You can’t truly explain what it’s like…

If I’ve said it once, I think I must have said it a hundred times, but I’m sure that India’s enduring popularity as a travel destination is because even when people think they’re only going in order to see the iconic sites, to tick a box that says ‘been there, done that’ – once they arrive, once they experience the atmosphere, the locals, the whole scene – they find that’s what they were looking for all along. 

You can’t truly explain what it’s like; you need to experience the sights, sounds and smells for yourself.” 

And you can do just that on one of Saga's wonderful escorted tours in incredible India…

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