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5 reasons to visit Tobago

09 November 2016

Unfairly overshadowed by its sister island, Trinidad, the Caribbean island of Tobago has lots to offer anyone who is considering a holiday there.

Tobago beach
Unfairly overshadowed by its sister island, Trinidad, the Caribbean island of Tobago has lots to offer anyone who is considering a holiday there.

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When it comes to relaxation, Tobago’s sandy shores and wonderful weather allow the island to do a little show-stealing of its own.

Here are five fantastic reasons that you’ll have an incredible time if you travel to this hidden gem.

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Secluded, blissful beaches

The first thing you’ll want to discover when you step out of your hotel is one of the fabulous beaches of Tobago.

Ease yourself into your holiday with its plentiful supply of secluded beaches that carry you a million miles away from the everyday world, yet have welcoming slices of familiarity (the capital is called Scarborough!).

On beaches like King Peter’s Bay and Englishman’s Bay, you’ll see hardly a soul around, so if you want relaxation, leave it to Tobago!

A high level of safety

You might be wondering if Tobago is safe. The answer, in short, is ‘yes’. Most of the popular beaches have lifeguards, and there are flags which indicate whether it’s okay to go into the water.  

In terms of personal safety, the island is among the safer ones in the Caribbean, so just take some common-sense precautions – don’t walk alone in deserted areas or flash around expensive belongings.

In general, though, Tobago has a good reputation as a tourist-friendly place.

Curried crab and dumplings

This popular traditional dish of Tobago may sound like an odd combination, but keep your mind open and you’re in for a treat!

Local cooks take plump crabs from the mangrove swamps and cook them in a rich, creamy, spicy sauce – and then serve them up with sumptuous dumplings.

Have plenty of napkins at the ready for this local delicacy, as you’ll be using your fingers to pull the crabs apart. Look around and you’ll find the locals doing it without a care in the world. Messy work, perhaps, but ‘when in Rome…’ And the taste is simply delightful!

The variety of things to do in Tobago

Holidays in Tobago aren’t just about relaxing on a beach during the day and winding down with a beer on the warm island nights. You can visit historical sites like the Fort King George, which sits on a high elevation.

The old fortification is home to the Tobago Museum, where you can see historic maps, colonial artefacts and even the skeletons of indigenous Native Americans.

If you’re feeling active, you can go swimming or even snorkelling – the water is lovely and warm – or take a boat tour around the island.

You might even get to say hello to some of the dolphins and whales that visit the coastal seas. Keep your eye on the sky and the trees of Tobago as well, since you can also spot hummingbirds!

If music is more your thing, you should check out the Tobago Jazz Festival. Past performers who have graced the festival include 20th century icons Dionne Warwick and Chaka Khan!

The weather in Tobago

If there’s one aspect of the island that is truly unbeatable, it’s the weather in Tobago. The average temperature hovers around 27 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

This consistency is due to the island’s southerly location, outside of the ‘hurricane belt’. Although there are two seasons – dry and rainy – heavy storms are generally uncommon on the island.

Whether you cruise out or stay in the plush hotels, you can enjoy the beaches, the activities and the local culture – all in a safe environment. What’s not to love?

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