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Holiday ideas for Greece and the Greek Islands

29 April 2016 ( 21 March 2017 )

Greece and her Islands cover such a vast area and has virtually unlimited options for holiday activities. Here's our list of the top things to do.

Lalaria Beach on Skiathos, Greece
Lalaria Beach on Skiathos, Greece

While we’ll maybe leave hurtling down the slopes to the twentysomethings, there are still plenty of things to do on a Hellenic holiday.

So, if you like to plan ahead and have been wondering – “what can I do on a Greek break?” – read on for a few suggestions.

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Skiathos old Town, Skiathos, Greece

One solution is to book a high quality, modern resort and then make your own activity plans. And the island of Skiathos has plenty of options for you to choose from.

The first of the Sporades archipelago to be developed for tourism, Skiathos is a hugely popular island destination that tempts travellers of all ages.

The island has stunning crystal waters and golden beaches in abundance for mature travellers.

The peninsula of Bourtzi is a picturesque and romantic spot, with dense and verdant pine trees framing stunning views of the archipelago. It divides Skiathos into two.

Delight in clear blue waters and golden sands on beaches like Lalaria and Achladies.

Along the coast, the tree-flanked Koukounaries beach offers glorious sunlight and pine-scented shade.

It’s small wonder this place was declared the 3rd most beautiful beach on the Mediterranean and the best in Greece!

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Santorini, Paros and Naxos

Oia Town, Santorini, Greece

For an alternative trip where your journey is partly planned in advance, consider an escorted tour of several quaint Greek Islands.

Taking in Santorini, Paros and Naxos and more, a tour of the Greek Islands is a wonderful way to see some authentic, traditional villages and stunning Hellenic scenery.

Santorini is a firm favourite. Actually a crescent-shaped cluster of islands that are on the western rim of an undersea volcano, this archipelago is a famous destination for romantic getaways.

A delightful location, where ancient Minoan sites and traditional villages meet modern wineries and breweries, Santorini offers culture and cuisine in abundance.

Overlooked by many as a holiday destination, Paros has a rich and varied history, and is uniquely charming. The marble that was mined from its quarries for more than 2,000 years was used to make stoneworks like the Venus de Milo.

Paros also has its own protected designation of origin wine, as well as a range of religious festivals.

With a huge range of hiking trails formed by the island’s historical farmers, which take you from sun-soaked beaches to Byzantine churches, from marble quarries to fishing villages, this island is a walking and sightseeing paradise!

Finally, find a tour that visits Naxos. This island boasts the highest peak in the Cyclades, Mount Zeus. The verdant slopes on Naxos produce bountiful harvests of citrus fruits, olives, figs and grapes.

Perhaps sample Naxian wine – legend has it that this famous wine will cure broken hearts, since Ariadne was said to have fallen in love with Dionysus (god of wine) after Theseus abandoned her.

As a present day visitor, you can tour remote beaches and ancient sites, but also thriving hubs of shopping and tourism – there is something for all your holiday needs!

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Cruise the hotspots of the Aegean and Mediterranean

Piraeus port, port for Athens, Greece

If you want to see a wider range of Greek locations, consider a cruise around the Aegean. With a range of mainland and island destinations to visit, plus a tour around the broader Mediterranean Sea as well, there’s a lot you could be enjoying.


This port has been the gateway to Athens since ancient times. 

You can witness a mind-boggling array of stunning ships and ferries, sample seafront refreshments in the Zea Marina and Mikrolimano areas, and learn about the archaeological and maritime heritage of Piraeus at local museums.


Although it has a reputation as a youthful party island, Mykonos also offers an archaeological treasure in nearby Delos, and a range of excellent café-bars and restaurants.

In peak season, you may even see some famous faces around the island, as Mykonos is a top destination for A-list celebrities.


The biggest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes offers a wealth of beaches, historical sites, and modern amenities.

People flock to the island to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, sightseeing and hiking treks.

If you like history, this major Eastern Mediterranean port has influences from periods including the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras.

Top things to do in Rhodes

Santorini and much more! 

Your Greek cruise adventure doesn’t just take you to Santorini either – which we’ve already looked at above – you will also likely have stop-off points around the Mediterranean, including Malta, Spain and Italy.

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