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Unique holidays you should take

Jenai Laignel / 06 March 2015 ( 07 September 2018 )

Are you looking to book a holiday with a difference? While there's certainly nothing wrong with an all-inclusive fortnight in the sun, it's worth remembering that there are also some completely unique holidays that you can take too.

Unique holidays

If you're after a holiday that doesn't just involve finding a beach and staying put for two weeks, but you're not in the modd for the all-encompassing intensity of an adventurous tour, what else could you do with your dwon time?

Here are a few of our favourite suggestions:

5. Special Interest Holidays

Perfect if you want to indulge your passion in life, Special Interest Holidays are ideal for those with a thirst for knowledge in a certain field – whether that's food and drink, bird watching, art or music.

With guidance from experienced hosts, your holiday will help you learn more about your chosen subject, and you'll be surrounded by like-minded people who are just as keen about the prospect of discussing the minutiae of whatever it is that so enthuses you. 

Find out more about Saga’s Special Interest Holidays

4. Find a secluded cottage

If you're after something easy but different enough from the norm to be a true break away, then a classic cottage holiday could be for you, many of which offer fabulous facilities such as indoor pools, open fires and lovely gardens.

3. Walking holidays

How would you like to finish every day of your holiday feeling fit, healthy and invigorated?

Saga offer specialist walking breaks in the UK and Europe. With carefully crafted itineraries that balance days of walking with days at leisure, and informative hosts who will provide lots of hints and tips, these holidays are the perfect choice if you love nothing more than exploring incredible landscapes on foot.

Find out more about Saga’s Walking Holidays

2. Canal boat holiday

We all love a self-catering holiday, but why not spend your next break exploring the beauty of Britain's waterways?

It's the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle, instead taking advantage of the fresh air, ever-changing scenery and charming villages along the way. From traditional narrowboats to sleek cruisers, there's a boating holiday to suit everyone.

1. Hit the road

Take yourself off on a road trip of the UK or Europe - or even further afield, if you hire a car once you get there! Journeying under your own steam, stopping wherever the feeling takes you, detouring to unexpected places just because you can - is there anything more freeing?

You could even try hiring a motorhome, and exploring secret caravan pitches. Don't forget to try some new games to play in the car as you go!

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