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Should you spend your Christmas holidays abroad?

Jenai Laignel / 09 November 2015

Last year, close to four million Brits went overseas for the Christmas holidays' season. But what are the advantages of spending December 25th abroad?

christmas holidays

Warmer weather

While the elusive "White Christmas" is the feature of many a song and postcard, in reality it's usually just cold

If you've never experienced Christmas Day on the beach or somewhere warm, why not make this the year to tick this off your list?

Places like the Canary Islands remain mild even in December and January.

Find out about Saga's Christmas holidays

Change is good

While a traditional Christmas by the fire is what we all know and love, it pays to do something different from time to time.

Even if you decide to skip the beach and head somewhere like Barcelona or Berlin, it is guaranteed to be a new and exciting experience.

Take your friends

If you can, invite family and friends to make it a large group affair. There's nothing like being surrounded by the ones you love on Christmas Day, exchanging presents and sharing the memorable day together.

But remember to book early… 

While it seems ludicrous to think about Christmas already, if you're planning on going abroad for the festive period, it's always wise to book your holiday early to avoid disappointment. 

Once you have it firmly written in your diary, it'll give you something to look forward to, meaning your face lights up every time someone mentions the countdown to Christmas. 

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