Reasons to travel by ferry for your next holiday

Jenai Laignel / 10 September 2014

While catching a ferry to further-afield destinations may be unfeasible, if you are travelling to somewhere closer to home it is a great option.

While some think catching a ferry can be a long process, there are actually many advantages to this mode of transport. Here are a few:

1. Avoid queues

There are no lengthy check-in times with ferry travel.

2. Take your own car

Not only will you be familiar with your car and how it works, it will also save you money on car hire.

3. Cheap

You can travel to Ireland for around £69 for a car and driver. Bargain!

4. No luggage limits

When flying, you need to ensure you're within the airline's baggage limits, as well as waiting for your suitcases at the other end. With a ferry, you can load your car with as much as you like.

5. It's an adventure

On a ferry you can really stretch your legs; you have a whole ship to explore. Yes, a ferry takes a little longer than a plane, but time will fly once you've had a wander and stopped to eat. Many ferries also offer free movies and WiFi.

6. No Seasickness (yes, really!) 

Many people are concerned about the seasickness they might experience on a ferry, but modern ships have improved vastly in recent years. The latest automatic stabilisation systems mean that seasickness is reduced considerably.

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