How to avoid & relieve holiday stress

Jenai Laignel / 01 June 2015

Switching off and getting into "holiday mode" can be easier said than done. Here are some useful tips on how to beat holiday stress.

1. Plan ahead

If you are holidaying with fellow travellers, discuss in advance what each of you expects in terms of rest time and activities.

Planning accordingly will avoid any disputes whilst away and will give you a chance to schedule any fun activities or reserve tables at popular restaurants to avoid disappointment.

2. Plan some "unscheduled time"

Saying this, it is equally important to plan time where you simply kick back and relax. Whether alone, or in a group/couple, it is an opportunity to unwind.

3. Discuss finances

Get a clear view of your holiday budget in advance. It will help reduce anxiety when it comes to this issue and allows you to plan ahead.

4. Insurance

Ensuring you have the correct health and travel insurance in place will give you peace of mind should anything happen.

Knowing you have the appropriate cover will help you to relax and focus on having fun. You can book your travel insurance with Saga.

5. Entertainment for journeys

Long journeys can be a stressful and tedious time. Make sure you have packed your favourite book/crossword puzzle/magazine in your hand luggage and the time will go in a flash.

Make sure your holiday gets off to the best possible start by booking all of your travel extras in advance.