Should you sign up to a language course?

Jenai Laignel / 04 June 2014 ( 30 March 2015 )

Have you ever found yourself struggling to communicate with locals when you go abroad?

There's nothing more satisfying than speaking in a foreign language and being perfectly understood, and those you speak to will be equally impressed with your efforts.

Signing up to a language course before you fly off to your destination is one way to really brush up. It should also be seen as an investment as it's not just this holiday when you'll speak the language; there'll be plenty more opportunities in the future.

As they say, "when in Rome..." – so why not get confident in your chosen language and avoid restricting your options to only English-speaking communities? Don't just choose a destination based on the availability of English speakers; immerse yourself in the culture as this is all part of the charm and experience.

Making the effort

It seems that an increasing number of Brits are starting to realise this and are making an effort to learn.

A recent study revealed that 59% of British holidaymakers attempt to use the country's language when abroad, with 25% learning the local tongue while on holiday. Where possible, it's always better to have lessons before you depart, so you can join in conversations as soon as you touch down.

No matter what your age, it's never too late to learn a new language. After all, anyone who can speak one language has the capability to learn another. Whether you just want to learn basic phrases to get by or you want to have fluent conversations while on holiday, a language course can cater for all levels.