6 time-saving travel tips

25 July 2016

Follow these simple solutions to make your journey that much quicker and make your life that much easier.

They may say that travelling's about the journey, not just the destination. But for some of us, getting from A to B is simply a time-consuming, necessary evil - one which is standing in the way of us sipping cocktails on a sandy beach, exploring a brand new city, or simply catching up on some much-needed rest after the event.

Fortunately, there are a few top tips you can take heed of to save yourself some time when travelling:

#1 Take advantage of online check-in

One of the joys of the Internet is that you can take care of tasks from the comfort of your very own living room. Look for the online check-in option on your e-ticket or airline's website, enter your details and print your boarding pass at home. This way, you can simply breeze past those lengthy and slow-moving check-in queues - bliss.

#2 Just pack hand luggage

This tip might not be appropriate if you are about to head off on a two week trip to Canada where sturdy boots and warm jumpers might come in rather handy. But for a shorter break, why not consider sticking to hand luggage only?

Roll your clothes instead of folding them and stock up on travel-sized essentials to take up less space - with just your cabin luggage you can bypass the bag-drop but more importantly avoid the agonising wait around the carousel at the other end of the journey.

Seven top tips for single bag travelling...

#3 Carry key documents conveniently

You've just tucked your passport and boarding pass away in the depths of your bag when, suddenly, you're required to present them again. Put an end to all that lengthy rooting around and choose the place you stash your documents with care - you want to be able to access them easily and quickly whilst juggling your luggage whilst making sure they are secure and safe.

#4 Bring a doctor's note

Ensure you have any medical documents necessary should you have special equipment such as an EpiPen, syringes or pacemaker to take through security. It's likely you will have to have a doctor's note confirming certain items must travel with you - it will save you (and those queuing behind you) plenty of time if you are ready and prepared.

#5 Consider security checks

Make the security officers your new best friends and dress accordingly for the security checks. Leave the lace-up shoes at home if possible as it's likely you'll be required to take them off. Avoid cumbersome belts and any jewellery that might set the alarms off too, and keep your liquids in containers under 100ml, neatly encased in a clear, zip-lock bag. Remember your electronics need to go through the machine separately from your luggage too - have all your equipment to hand.

#6 Book your airport parking

Don't wait until the day to secure your airport parking, by pre-booking and printing your directions you can ensure a hassle-free entry into your chosen car park and you'll arrive at the airport knowing you have a guaranteed space. To help save even more time, many airports also feature 'Meet and Greet' services where you can drop your car off near the terminal.

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