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At home with John Sergeant

John Sergeant

07 May 2020

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A veteran political broadcaster for the BBC and ITV, a much-loved Strictly contestant back in 2008 and now a Saga vlogger, John Sergeant is a welcome addition to the Not Going Out Club. Discover his latest musings on life and lockdown here.

Episode 7

How does communication determine what we think and do? This week’s insights from John have a real relevance to today’s extraordinary circumstances. But as with all his videos for the #notgoingoutclub, even John’s deepest thoughts are easy listening!

Episode 6

From the blue tits in his garden to the leader of the free world… As always, John scrutinises a fascinating variety of subjects for the #notgoingoutclub.

Episode 5

We've all been charmed by John’s initial videos for the #notgoingoutclub, so we’re delighted he’s agreed to do some more. We hope you enjoy part 5!

Episode 4

John’s latest vlog for the #notgoingoutclub includes amusing recollections of a young Boris Johnson. “I was in no doubt that he wouldn’t make it to the top in politics, although he clearly had a future in light entertainment,” says John. Watch now for more of his entertaining anecdotes...

Episode 3

We’re delighted to bring you John Sergeant’s third video for #notgoingoutclub. We hope his soothing tone and relaxing outlook make this Easter a little more special for you. #stayhome

Episode 2

Here's John's much-anticipated sequel to his first video for the #notgoingoutclub. Following a reflection on life in his father’s day, John describes the changes that social distancing is having on modern Ealing. He also wonders whether there are positive lessons to be learned from them.

Episode 1

Let the warm, soothing voice of this popular broadcaster put the world to rights. Not only does John give today’s events a reassuring historical context, he also sees many positive sides to staying at home. “It’s a strange kind of heroism,” he reflects, in this video recorded exclusively for Saga's #notgoingoutclub.

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John Sergeant

07 May 2020

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