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Member’s voice - coming soon

Shape the future of Possibilities

Possibilities is all about you - our members - and giving you more of the things you care about. As part of this we will be inviting you to participate in regular polls and surveys that will help us understand what you enjoy and what you’d like to see us bring you in the future. 

This is just the beginning of Possibilities and we hope the results of these polls and surveys will make your membership programme even better; helping us to shape the experiences and offers we bring our members.

Use your voice, a little, or a lot

The surveys will be completely voluntary; you can complete one, or complete them all. It’s entirely up to you. Some will be quick polls, or a couple of questions, others will be more in-depth. The more you answer, the better we can make the programme for you. And we'll keep feeding back the results so you can see the ongoing influence our members are having on shaping Possibilities.

We'll have the first survey ready very soon so please keeping checking back.