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Administration charges

Administration charges

Administration charges

These charges will be taken from your account balance unless otherwise agreed.

Telegraphic transfer – £35

We can make a same day transfer of money from your account (subject to the account terms and conditions) electronically, directly to another UK bank account that is held in your name. To do this the charge is £35, and we will require your instruction in writing no later than 12 noon Monday to Friday.

Returned cheques – £10

If a cheque you give us requires re-presenting because it is not signed or dated, or is incomplete or illegible, our charge is £10.

Stopped cheques – £5

If you want to stop a cheque because it has been lost, stolen or not received our charge is £5.

Account withdrawal

Under some circumstances, you will incur a charge for making a withdrawal. For example, you will be charged if you withdraw funds immediately on an account with a notice period. The charge will be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of your account.