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Have you got a big purchase in mind, such as a holiday or new car, and want to spread the cost? Perhaps your cash is tied up? A loan could be the answer.

When you start looking into loans though, you could be in for a surprise. Many attractive interest rates seem to be available, but when you apply you might find that you don’t actually qualify for the advertised rate. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances, your chosen loan amount and term, and is subject to a credit check.

During a credit check, there may be an indication left on your credit report to show that it has taken place, which could then lower your credit score. However, there are lenders that use a ‘soft search’, also known as a ‘quotation search’, to check your credit report when you first apply. This will not leave any record of their search visible to other lenders (but you can still see it). So finding out if you’ll be accepted and the rate you’ll receive will not affect your credit score. Once you have chosen the loan that’s right for you and you confirm with the lender that you want to go ahead, only then is the credit check listed on your credit report.

You may wish to find lenders that offer a ‘soft search’ to check your credit history when you apply. Having a number of credit checks listed on your credit history could affect your credit score, which could increase the interest rate you are offered or even reduce your likelihood of being accepted for a loan.

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