Saga Equity Release

Unlock tax-free cash tied up in your home to enjoy life without having to sell up and downsize

The Saga Equity Release Advice Service is provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited

Am I eligible for equity release?

  • You must own a property in the UK
  • You must be living in that property
  • The youngest homeowner must be at least 55 years old
  • The property must be worth £70,000 or more

How much equity can I release?

Use our quick tool to find out how much tax-free cash you could release from your home.

Equity release can help you turn some of the value of your home into tax-free cash, without having to move out or downsize.

You can use this money for almost anything you choose, from home improvements to a holiday of a lifetime, so equity release could be the solution you're looking for.

A lifetime mortgage is one way of releasing some of the equity in your home. There are different types, and some allow you to make monthly interest payments.

If you’re recommended a lifetime mortgage through the Saga Equity Release Advice Service, when the property is sold after you die or have moved into permanent long-term care, you or your beneficiaries will not have to repay more than the sale proceeds. Even if they are less than the amount owed. It is important to note lifetime mortgages are a type of loan secured against your home and will reduce the value of your estate.

With the Saga Equity Release Advice Service the initial no-obligation consultation is free. If you then choose to proceed and take out a recommended product, an advice fee of £750 is payable on completion. However, if you are a member of Saga's Possibilities membership programme, this advice fee is waived.

Exclusive Saga Products

Saga have partnered with HUB Financial Solutions to bring you the Saga Equity Release Advice Service. Two of the products they have access to are provided by Just, and are available exclusively to users of the service.

Saga Equity Release Plan

This is a lifetime mortgage available to UK homeowners aged 55 or over, with a property value of at least £70,000. It provides you with the option of a cash facility which you can release additional cash advances at any time.

You can choose to borrow the maximum amount available to you as a one-off lump sum or you can choose to borrow a smaller amount initially and then borrow additional amounts at a later date from your pre-agreed cash facility.

You can pay some or all of the monthly interest to reduce the overall loan balance, the monthly payment option is available to those aged 80 or younger at application.

Saga Regular Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage

This is a new type of equity release available to people aged 60-80 with a UK property worth at least £150,000. The Saga Regular Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage combines an initial tax-free lump sum payment with ongoing tax-free monthly payments, making it a possible option if you’re looking to supplement your income in retirement.

Because interest is only charged on money as it’s released, it accrues at a slower rate than a standard lifetime mortgage so there is likely to be less to repay in the future.

Types of equity release

What are the benefits and risks of equity release?


  • You can continue to live in your current home
  • The cash you release is tax-free
  • Some equity release products enable you to receive regular payments
  • In most cases, there are no monthly repayments. The debt will usually be repaid from the proceeds of the sale of the home when you die, or move permanently into long-term care
  • You can continue to live in your own home for the rest of your life, or until you move out permanently into long-term care.


  • The value of your estate will be reduced leaving less money for your beneficiaries on your death
  • Any means-tested benefits you receive may be affected by equity release – your adviser will check this for you before recommending a product
  • With Lifetime mortgages, the amount you owe will grow over the longer term, unless you choose to make full interest payments.
  • Home reversion plans can be repaid, but your home would need to br brought back from the reversion company at full market value.

Why choose Saga for equity release advice?

Saga began offering the Saga Equity Release Advice Service, provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited, in 2006 to enable our customers to continue enjoying life after retirement. Whether customers choose to help loved ones get into the housing market, make improvements to the family home or ease financial pressures, we’re here to make it happen.

13 years

HUB Financial Solutions have over 13 years of equity release experience

You'll have access to a UK based qualified adviser and support team.


£550m of tax-free cash released through the Saga Equity Release Advice Service.

How much equity can I release?

Find out how much tax-free cash you could release from your home with our free online calculator. It's quick and easy to use and provides a quote based on a lifetime mortgage.

Use our calculator

Alternatively if you have any questions about equity release, the service or products, you can request a call back  from a member of the team.