A time for change, enjoyment and creating new memories. 

It brings the freedom to relax - to live life on your terms. Connect with friends and family. Pursue fresh dreams and goals. Naturally retirement can also create new challenges.

So it’s important to know your options. Whether you’re planning ahead or you’ve already retired, we’re here to help you see what’s possible. Rely upon our experience, with a range of retirement solutions designed for the stage of life you’re in right now.

Retirement stages

Perhaps you’ve just started planning for the future; contemplating the impact from a working life to retirement.  It could be you’ve been retired for a while and you want to ensure your long-term security. The right choice begins with knowing your options.

Saga Magazine's leading money writers have written a range of articles to help you make the most of your retirement preparations, whatever stage of life you’re in.

Everybody has different plans for retirement, but one thing we all share is the need to ensure we get the best out of our retirement. As you consider these aims, it’s important to understand how to prepare and how to make the most of what you have in place.

Saga Magazine's leading money writers have written a range of useful articles to help you plan for your retirement, even if it’s still a long way off.

Watching your money grow
The pros and cons of annuities

Are annuities still a good investment for your retirement income?

How much money will you need in retirement?

Here are some of the things you will need to consider when planning your retirement.

You’re ready to shift gears and step down from your working salary. A world of options may await you. How do you feel now? How will you maintain the best possible retirement ‘salary’? Most importantly, what do you want to do next?

Saga Magazine's leading money writers have written some handy articles to help you know your options as you prepare to enter retirement.

Look Ahead report

Are you on track to get the income you want in retirement?

Use Saga Investment Services' new Look Ahead tool to create your personalised report showing how much income you can expect in retirement.

Key unlocking annuities
Can you sell an annuity?

New rules mean that you can sell your annuity from April 2017. What do the rules mean and how do you go about selling an annuity?

You’re now retired from your working life, and have adjusted to your retirement income.  Being retired can bring unexpected challenges, so it’s good to know your options for making the most of what you've put aside.

Saga Magazine's leading money writers have written a range of article(s) designed to help you make the most of your retirement income.

What is life insurance and do I need it?

Life insurance protects your loved ones in the event of your death but what types are there and do you need the cover?

How we can help

Spend less time worrying and more time making the most of your retirement. See how Saga could help with our range of retirement services - then get in touch when you’re ready.

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Whatever your individual requirements are, it pays to know your options for getting the most from your money.

At Saga, we like to help you spend smarter. Whatever stage of life you’re at, it’s nice to know you’re getting the most from your money.

How much income will you have in retirement?

Use Saga Investment Services' new Look Ahead tool to see if you're on track to receive the income you'd like in retirement.