20% more windscreen claims in the East Midlands

Friday 9 December 2005

20% more windscreen claims in the East Midlands

  • Motorists in the region make 20% more windscreen claims than UK average
  • 11% more likely to claim for theft from their vehicle

Research from Saga Motor Insurance today reveals the regional differences between motor insurance claims in the UK.* It has indicated that the region makes almost a fifth more claims for windscreen damage than the rest of the UK, one of the highest rates in the country - suggesting there are a lot of loose stones on the roads.

There is also evidence to suggest that there are more opportunist thieves in the East Midlands as the region suffers 11% more thefts of personal belongings from inside the vehicle than the rest of the UK.

On a more positive note the region is one of the safest in the country for car theft with over 20% fewer cars reported stolen than average. Overall claims in the region are less expensive to reimburse than most other regions, suggesting that accidents are more likely to be minor shunts rather than major collisions.


Notes to Editors-

*All figures based on claims data from Saga Insurance Company Ltd. Figures correct as at 05-02-05

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East Midlands claims data

Average cost of a claim (compared to national average)

92% in East Midlands

112% in North Midlands

105% in West Midlands

Frequency of claims for theft from vehicles (compared to national average)

111% in East Midlands

112% in West Midlands

164% London

69% Scotland

Frequency of claims for damaged windscreens (compared to national average)

East Midlands 119%

South East 124%

West Midlands - 91%

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