Pet insurance isn't just for pedigrees

Friday 9 December 2005

Pet insurance isn't just for pedigrees

  • There are 1.6 million mongrels in Britain
  • Treatment for a broken leg can cost as much as 1,400

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Research from Saga shows we may not be affording our crossbreeds the same attention as we do our pedigrees. The research shows that 25%* of the 6.5 million dogs owned in the UK are crossbreeds. However, even though treatment costs for crossbreeds could end up being as high as that for a pedigree dog, they are less than half as likely to be insured**.

Next week sees the tenth anniversary of Discover Dogs, the only UK dog show to include a competition for crossbreed pets - 'Scruffts'. Saga says that just because your pet can't enter Crufts, the prestigious pedigree show, does not mean that it doesn't need insurance; pet insurance is important for every type and size of dog.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive, Saga, commented: "Anyone who does not insure their dog runs the risk of having to meet huge vets bills. The cost of treating a sick animal can quickly spiral out of control regardless of their breed".

Pet owners who do not take out insurance could find that they have to meet expensive bills if their dog is stolen, has an accident, needs treatment or an operation. For example a fractured leg could cost as much as 1,400 to fix, regardless of whether or not your pet is a best of breed.

Saga's Pet Insurance starts at a monthly charge of 6.82*** for a dog and includes costs of treatment for accident, illness or disease. In addition it will cover kennel costs should the owner have to spend more than 72 hours in hospital. It will reimburse your non-recoverable expenses, if, as a pet owner, you need to cancel your holiday because your pet needs emergency surgery. Pet insurance for cats is also available through Saga.

Saga has published a free guide to pet health, which provides advice and guidance on all the main aspects of pet health, for owners of pets of all ages. To obtain a free copy call 0800 056 5096

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Editors Notes

* Pet Food Manufacturers Association

** According to Saga's Pet Insurance book

*** premium based on 11 month old crossbreeds in postcode NE11 with Saver cover, correct as at September 2005.

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