Online shoppers are new targets for credit card fraud

Thursday 21 July 2005

Online shoppers are new targets for credit card fraud

Research out today* reveals that online shoppers are far more at risk of credit card fraud now that chip and pin security measures are starting to have a positive effect elsewhere.

Lisa Harris, spokesperson for Saga Telephone Service, says: "As chip and pin reduces card fraud on the high street and online sales continue to grow, the risk of credit card fraud for people who shop regularly on the internet will also increase. However there are some practical steps you can take to beat the cheats."

You will be less of a target if you log off your computer when it is not in use. This limits the visibility of your on-line connection.

If you are a regular internet user then make a note of your dial-up connections and check your dial-up networking folder regularly. Delete any unrecognised internet connections. Refer to your instruction manual or helpline for further advice.

Use software that will protect you against internet fraud: Anti Virus Software prevents data stealing but you must keep it updated. Using a reputable firewall will protect you against unauthorised downloads and block attempts to route your PC through to high premium numbers. Speak to your PC supplier for further guidance.

For added security obtain the latest software, upgrades and patches from your supplier to protect your computer against the latest Trojan scam. A Trojan is a programme that infects your computer and allows a hacker to run hidden tasks without your consent or knowledge. If left sitting undetected on your system, the programme could potentially steal your password, credit card numbers or bank details.

Another option is to download free software from the internet that removes spyware and trojans and also has advanced protection against many of their unknown variants. For further information call your helpline or PC supplier.

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* Research carried out by Retail Decisions - specialists in fraud prevention

For further press information please contact the Saga Press Office on: 01303 771529.

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