Hereditary conditions can be costly for pedigrees

Monday 7 March 2005

Hereditary conditions can be costly for pedigrees

  • Treatment for inherited illnesses can cost thousands
  • Proud owners of Crufts champions warned to insure their pets

Crufts, the famous annual dog show, turns the spotlight on champion pedigree canines, their appearance and abilities. However research by Saga Pet Insurance reveals the costs of treating hereditary illnesses of some of Britain's favourite pedigrees can cost thousands of pounds, and urges pedigree dog owners to make sure they are covered for conditions that may affect their prized pets.

There are over 45,000* Labrador Retrievers in the UK making it by far the nation's favourite pedigree pet. However the list of hereditary conditions that could affect this breed is vast. Similarly, Cocker and English Springer Spaniels, two other popular breeds, have long lists of complaints that are inherent to the breed.

Epilepsy, which is common in both Labradors and Springer Spaniels can cost up to £3,000 to treat and in-growing eyelashes, which affect all three breeds, an additional £1,000 to correct. In addition, vet's bills for cataracts, another widespread condition, can amount to up to £3,000.

Michael Cutbill, Marketing Director, Saga said: "People really should ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for the many conditions that pedigree dogs can inherit through their breeding and as these illnesses can last many years it is advisable for dog owners to take out a policy which offers cover for the life of their pet."

Super Cover with Saga Pet Insurance includes cover for veterinary fees including complementary medicine, advertising and reward costs, accidental damage and 3rd party liability costs.

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Notes to editors:

*Source - The Kennel Club.

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